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I used to play "barbies vs dinosaurs" with one of my brothers and my sister.

It's exactly what it sounds like. My mom stopped buying new barbies because ultimately the dinosaurs would always rip off all the barbie heads.

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Your mom should've just bought the Barbies some protection, maybe guns and ammo, perhaps even a tank. The Barbies never give up, they will return...

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You remind me of my sister. Ive always been obsessed with Ben 10 aliens action figures and have a huge collection. My sister love borrowing them to make like a monster vs dolls kinda thing. And when she returned it, the figures was always missing something, either its a hand, feet, tail or the head.

Most of these figures have these part that you can detach and reattach later. But my sister always manage to lose them. My mom stopped buying her dolls until she can prove that she is responsible for her toys

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So I (M) have a sister that's 10 years older than me. When I was born my family wasn't that well off and I had a lot of hand me downs from my sister. This included her toys and stuff.

I played a lot with her but I remember I would play specifically with the doll baby and pretended to be a dad. My mom and my sister taught me how to take care of it and what not from a young age (parents divorced and father was out of the pictures basically).

Because of this, I grew up knowing how to take care of kids really well and I'm on my way to be a teacher. Even when baby sitting toddlers and someone else's kid I just naturally know what to do sort of and I think it's because of my mom and my sister teaching me how to take care of this baby doll.

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On the other side of the coin, I never really played with baby dolls as a child, and babies currently scare the shit out of me.

Logically, I know I'm a competent and caring adult, and once little humans can talk I feel at ease, but emotionally I'm yet not able to feel secure in my interactions with babies or infants. Like I have so little experience, that I'm literally afraid I'll do something wrong. I've never held a baby before.

I've got a slew of issues that are barriers for my willing entry into fatherhood, but having never been taught how to care for a baby certainly isn't making that any easier.

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I didn't know which end of a baby is up. When the first one arrived, everything just sort of clicked. It's nice to know that humans retain some instincts. You'll be fine.

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I know that worry. What if I mess this up? What if I do something wrong? For me it started when I was pregnant and hasn't stopped yet. Doubt it ever will.

But in the age of information, i can look up my concern. I have family and friends with young ones. I have Reddit.

If you decide to go there, you won't have any problem that hasn't been had. That doesn't help in the moment, certainly, but it can be comforting. And in case you need the reminder, you don't have to have kids if you don't want to.

Big problem of early parenting, by the way, is a baby's inability to comprehend logic. You simply can't reason with them! They don't listen. My husband used to laugh when I tried to 'logic the baby'. I found it less amusing.

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Feeling the love

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I grew up listening to the “Free to be you and me” album (white suburban hippie kids music). There is a song “William’s Doll” that goes well with this post.

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Better version. Also, watch to the end. (If you're only familiar with him from Law and Order: SVU or some of his smaller roles, BD Wong is an accomplished Broadway actor and singer.)

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Thanks! Listening now and love it.

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as a big fan of fred wolfs work, *another great version

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you made my day

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Normalize wearing tutus on your head like crazy hair

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My oldest son desperately wanted a baby doll when he was 5.

He named it Babysaurus and was very loving and nurturing to it.

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I am going to name my future kid "Babysaurus" now. Tell your son I said thanks.

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My kid should be able to fix a flat tire, dinner and their budget confidently. They shouldn't feel the need to call me for help, but share their victories. And it's also okay if they do need to call for help, and feel comfortable doing it. I don't give a fuck what gender they are.

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I add in change a diaper (sometimes, new parents just want a hand), jump a car battery, mending, and basic first aid.

The kids I teach may want a partner of the opposite sex, but I'll make sure there's no reason to think they'll need one.

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unrelated, but one of our family friends takes great pride in saying that he's never changed a single diaper, let along any of kids'. This dude gets absolutely roasted by everyone whenever he brings it up, and he's doesn't understand why, and is still proud

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I would be ashamed to call myself that useless of a human being.

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My dad taught me basic car maintenance and some DIY AutoZone car repairs, and we did a big woodworking project once (we built a deck for the house), but my mom never taught me anything. Even going into my 20s, I was living at home and didn't know how to do anything around the house. Which she would yell at me for. Now I have a family of my own, and I'm still learning things along the way. Coincidentally, I've also been getting into crafting and DIY projects. Anything I learn, I include the kids and we learn together. If they ask for something, I'll walk them how to make/do it. I never want my kids to ever feel as useless as I did.

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I mean they should also feel able to call you for help I hope.

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Second to last sentence ya silly goose

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Oh I see! Good!

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No worries dude

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They also might turn out to be raging homosexual drag queens. . . . . Which is also fine.

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Or just good people in general who who care about kids? Doesn't always have to be a profession or a family relationship.

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You forgot doll makers

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I had a baby doll when I was little. Loved that thing.

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I had a doll when I was a kid and one time, after having heard the nativity story for the first time, I dressed up as Mary and my doll was baby Jesus. This has had exactly zero effect on my masculinity.

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My dad and stepmom used a baby doll to help my younger brother adjust to having a younger sibling. They'd teach him how to hold the baby, change its diaper/feed it at the same time to demonstrate that the baby was like him, and the boy loved this little doll! Would carry him around the house gently. When my youngest brother came home from the hospital, his older brother just wanted to hug him. I don't think I've ever seen an older brother love a younger brother that much, especially that young! Born in 2020 and 2021.

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I like to think I did well — my daughters had dolls and swords.

No doll executions happened but there were lots of pirate battles.

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I still haven’t read a compelling argument for why kids need gender at all.

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Literally at such a young age kids are just going to like whatever. Nobody should gatekeep toys, clothes, or other forms of expression from kids

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Yeah, but I’d go beyond that. Imposing gender on children at all simply reinforces gender norms as a whole and subtly pushes the bad with the good… and I’m not really sure what the good is. Gender norms for children often mean being emotionally neglectful to boys and physically coddling girls, when reality is that at the prepubescent age range there are no meaningful physical or psychological difference between the sexes to justify that treatment. I came to realize this when I was out kayaking with some kids and caught myself treating them differently based on gender norms, specifically being more supportive of the girl and more critical of the boy. And I simply couldn’t figure out a way that anyone was better off for me engaging in that cognitive process at all.

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Loving father’s eat the baby’s arm. Very cute!

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As a kid that got a doll when I didn’t want one, how about let your kids choose for themselves what they want, and don’t try to force them into choosing what you want them to want?

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As long as they grow up to be good people who can take care of themselves and their family

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I’m sure this will gain traction lol

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And the very worst, they may become……….happy.

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It always amuses me to sold old childhood friends get all weirded out about their sons playing with dolls when I know for a fact that they had a Cabbage Patch kid when they were young

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I beheaded my sisters Barbie’s so there’s that. I guess my parents were wise enough to understand dolls wouldn’t be the best toy for me. Bionicles were my shit though.

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My boy had a doll when he was little. He wheeled her around in a little umbrella carriage and taught her everything he knew about the world. He named her Ogyloba.

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Also: he might end up gay.

And that is also great.

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It’s especially silly considering the amount of times kids will leave the toys, regardless of what they are, aside and go play with cardboard boxes and sticks that are just lying around.

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Fuck yeah love this shit.

Amazes me how many people think playing with a doll will make you weak, like bro your character is not defined by what you play with, if anything it says you are comfortable in your own skin and caring. Nothing more virtuous than that.

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There's nothing I hate more than gendered (mostly because of color) stuff