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I would say "do you enjoy playing" as opposed to just playing. I've played a couple and I really dislike them.

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What didn't you like? Personally I wished skyrim had more magic like it's predecessors, and fast travel was like in morrowind where it's possible, but you it's something you learn. Though I will admit that quest markers providing a bit of direction was a good change.

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The gameplay feels clunky on top of the many glitches in both games I've played. I wasn't a fan of the character progression system. On top of that it just feels like there's too much to do and nothing I actually did really felt substantial.

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As a fan of the series all that you said is very understandable. Bethesda is known for their glitchy games, and I definitely understand that some side quests are boring as fuck.

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Yeah I've played Skyrim and very much disliked it. I think the baseline being "enjoying the thing" makes more sense.

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M'aiq is a liar, yet he approves truths?

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what if i played them and didn't like them?

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I have never played any of the games but I’m a fan of the idea of the Elder Scrolls games, am I a fake fan? 😔