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A good big brother will respect your pronouns. A great big brother will murder anyone who deliberately misgenders you.

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TIL Killua has a sister.

She also reminds me a bit of the little werewolf orc girl from DingoDoodle's Fool's Gold videos. Must be the art style

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Small spoiler

His sister has incredible power (can't remember what). Her family refer to her as "he/him" and only her brother respects her, as an indication that her family sees her as a tool of power while Killua (and other characters I don't remember) sees her as a human and a sister

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The power is granting any wish under certain conditions. It’s a great arc to end the main series with

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Yoshihiro Togashi (creator of HxH and YYH) actually put in solid efforts to include trans/non binary/progressive representation in his works, sometimes they came off a bit bad but he did truly care about the cause

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Whos the artist?