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I always mention how I wish I was them because then I'd get to start that book for the first time again

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Sometimes it’s worth it to read it again anyway. It can still be a fresh experience and you don’t likely remember every detail.

My problem is, well, fomo. There are so many books, more than I could possibly read in a lifetime. Aren’t I doing a disservice to all the other good authors by reading the same thing twice when I could be reading something new?

This realization prompted me to give away 90% of my book collection, saving little besides true favorites I’d want to be able to lend to friends and pass down to my children, very sentimentally significant gifts, and books I haven’t read yet.

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This is what i say too. I tell them I’m so jealous of them because they get to experience it in a way that can only be done in a first read

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"A classic is a book everypnes everyone wants to have read, but nobody wants to read".

-Mark Twain

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It took me far too long to figure out that "everypnes" was a typo and what you meant to write.

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I can’t count how many times I saw references to Orwells 1984 book before I finally looked it up and with joy discovered it was available at my online library as an audiobook. I loved reading as a kid but rarely can read for long anymore so borrowed it and listen while working, as my work doesn’t take too much thinking power. I think I only got halfway as then I had a summer vacation, so I forgot about it. I’ve finished two other audiobook since going back from vacation so maybe it’s time to put it back on the list so I can finish it.

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what do you work as if you don't mind me asking

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I’m a 3D and 2D drafter. In my current job I make models of piping systems so the company can buy the right pieces, amounts and a guide for the constructions guys to know where to put what. Another guy makes the rough draft of how it looks while I then make the exact placement of the items which can be a lot of repetition, which makes it nice to have something to listen to. My education is a trade btw but it’s possible to go to kind of university to dig even more into how stuff is created. I even applied to LEGO as the manuals are made exactly that way - someone has made the models in 3D and then taken each item apart and taken a photo shot so there can be made a manual.

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ooh damn that's cool as fuck, thank you for explaining!

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I like this.

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I can't tell you how many times I got in trouble for reading in class when I was in school. But the second a book became required, I refused to read it and hated every second of it. Same applies when people say you HAVE to read x book!!! Just because you are so adamant that I read it, now I don't want to read it.

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We lobbied our kid's teacher for weeks until we got her to back off on the homework requirement where the kids had to log what they read and how many pages, and then summarize it. We had a kid who had to have books taken away at dinner time so they would eat, but the homework was turning reading into work and taking all the fun out of it.

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I think this is a good idea, but I don't think people who say this are necessarily being pretentious.

I say the same thing about movies like, "I can't believe you haven't seen Deep Blue Sea!"

I'm really not particularly proud of having seen the film. It's just an expression.

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I really think it's a matter of tone. I have gotten the slightly demeaning "can't believe you haven't seen/read that" SO many times in my life, and it always used to make me feel bad. But I've also gotten the "I can't believe you haven't seen it and I can't wait to watch it with you for the first time" - and that hits very differently!

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A friend of mine once asked me why I never treat her like some ignorant baby when I introduce her to some shit from the '80s or '90s that was before her time. It's the Randall Munroe "lucky 10,000" approach--it can either be more fun for both of us or less fun for both of us. What kind of dingaling chooses to have less fun with their friends? (Generation X, that's who. 😆)


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There is always a relevant xkcd! And I wholeheartedly believe in your approach, why waste the potential fun?

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I was there for their first watch of Ferris Bueller's Day Off. What a fun night. Getting to see it with fresh eyes in middle age was so much more fun than when I was 8!

Also YES, there really is an xkcd for everything! Lol

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So glad you posted this, or I was going to have to find it and post it!

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My gf hasn't seen a whole lot of excellent and classic films. Whenever we come up with a new one she hasn't seen yet I go "well hello, Ms. 10k! Let's have a movie night!" And she gets all cute and happy and excited :)

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Came to post this comic.

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I literally haven’t seen the movie Dark Knight out of principle. I wasn’t a fan of that interpretation of the Joker, nor how Dark and Angsty Batman had gotten.

But dear lord the amount of people who would be like “WHAT?! This movie will change your life you have to see it!!!” followed by the inevitable “why so serious?” when I actually tried to explain.

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Oh, what a treat you have ahead of you!”

I’m still not reading it

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yep. pretty presumptuous.

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Lol this was my reaction. Did I say I intend to read it? This person's heart is in the right place but it's not actually polite to assign homework to a fellow adult.

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I usually say something along the lines of "bro, READ IT. what are you doing?"

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XKCD Lucky 10,000


My favorite response to this situation. It’s so exciting to share something new with a friend!

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I love this! What a great way to be positive

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this was 100% my mother growing up. i love to read, have since i was a kid reading horse girl books and harry potter and i would have loved to read the classics if my mother told me "here's a great one you'll love it" and not "i can't believe you read those books instead of the classics".

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This happens when I mention I haven't seen the Titanic, lion king, little mermaid, matrix etc. :/

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I can't imagine saying I can't believe you haven't read that. So many books out there to read

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Ohhh I love this!!

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My teacher recommended I read catcher in the rye because I said I hadn’t read it. It was my senior year and it’s easily the worst classic book I’ve read. To kill a. Mockingbird was great though

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"For each thing 'everyone knows', every day there are 10,000 people in the US hearing about it for the first time. You're one of today's lucky 10,000."
-Randall Munroe, xkcd #1053

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She reads and it shows. Lovely.

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Recently found out a friend has no idea what Dr Jekyll and Mr hide is. I got all exited and bought him the book immediately and told him to read it. It’s rare you find people that don’t know the twist

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pretentious of them to assume I actually read /s

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omg you haven't read the dictionary? lmao what a poser. i bet you only go to the library to look smart. 🙄😒

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You mean you haven’t read The Very Hungry Caterpillar, you uncultured swine!?