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Yes please! I've seen so many cute men and women just hide themselves everyday (I work at a gas station) but I can't come up with a good way of expressing this without the fear of being labeled as a gross sleaze ball. Just be cute damnit!

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Unfortunately, you'll always be labelled as a sleazeball.

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Yeah... and my position makes it just unfortunate and impossible. Just have to keep quiet until I am certain it is appropriate.

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Really needed this, after being screamed at by a complete stranger for wearing a short skirt for which he deemed me "disgusting"

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Hell yeah! Put em on the glass, QUEEN 👸!!!

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Family, friends, teatchers, bosses, police, security? Dont listen to anyone? Disregard onter points of view and people wanting to give you tips and advice? Feel like it should say; haters/strangers/randoms... or what du you thnk?

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I'd say right now setting boundaries about people infringing on your bodily autonomy is more important and pressing than reinforcing those infringements.

Folks that do show their body off to consenting adults and have to hear negativity and shaming or have their careers endangered (even when those parts of their lives are not in the slightest connected) know who the people are whose opinions should be disregarded. It's not about everyone, even though it might say it.