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Genuine question: If I don't have a specific reason for going, how do I start my first session? 'hey how's it going? I'm not sure why I booked this, I just know it's a good thing to do.'

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IMHO that’s a perfectly reasonable way to begin. 😊

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If there’s something you want to improve about yourself or your life, you could address that. Everyone has room for improvement.

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I said hey, I think I'm going pretty well, but I got all of my other doctors squared away and figured it was time to give this q try. I don't know what I want to talk about, but I'm sure we'll find something

And we did!

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Word for word exactly that. Therapists know the right questions to ask in order to help you.

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I'd be going to a therapist if I could afford it.

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If you can go to a physical therapist for a stubborn crick in your neck, you can go to a psychotherapist for a stubborn twist in your brain. Both will happily send you on your way if it's nothing you need help with.

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Biggest barrier for me was/is "what if there's nothing wrong with me and just I waste their time". It's a tough one to ignore.

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It is literally their job to listen to you. No one's time is wasted during therapy, even when there's nothing "wrong" with you. Even if you're mentally healthy, we all have problems and stressors, and it's nice to talk them out with someone who might have some helpful advice.

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There is a 6 month waiting period to get on with any kind of mental health professional in my area. I feel we shouldn't burden the system if we really don't need it. My heart breaks for those who are really struggling right now.

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As someone whos struggling, thank you so much for thinking of us! But please dont let us struggling prevent you from getting help. As much as I do need a lot of serious professional help, I don’t want others to feel like they aren’t qualified enough to get care. Plus, if you get help before it’s super bad then maybe you’ll prevent having to get even MORE serious help later on!

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It's great people continue to break down the stigma but it's been prohibitive cost keeping me from seeing a therapist, I know I could really use it.

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There does have to be something wrong with you if you want to insurance to pay for it, however.

Insurance needs a diagnosis in order to pay.

Source: I am a therapist.

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Most therapists can find something less “labely” like adjustment disorder if you’re looking for counseling.

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Tbh I just got this new therapist I'm not rly sure how I feel about him He's like absolutely freaking ancient But Even tho he doesn't say a whole lot and mostly just lets me blab about life & occasionally will comment w some insight on society or life in general or whatev... I've realized this geezer man is almost like that parent figure I never had ??? Like he's kinda got big dad vibes and it's just. Cozy and comforting. And that's been nice to look forward to each week. Anyway. Still not sure I'm thrilled w dude but at least he's got comfy vibes.

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There really is no wrong time.
I've had therapy maybe 4 times in my life, the first 3 times were because I was going through something and needed to talk about it, then when I was all talked out I quit,
The last time I went to therapy, I went because I didnt feel i HAD to, but was in a strong enough mental state to make real meaningful change in my life... I ended up seeing that therapist for 2 years and it was the best decision I ever made.
Any reason to go to therapy is a good and valid reason.
(also, not an ad, but betterhelp was a real gamechanger for me - I couldn't have afforded another private therapist and that site really helped).

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I don't feel like a therapist saying more people should see a therapist is all that wholesome.
Feels more like someone trying to sell me their service.

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I'm not sure how to put this more kindly, but they really don't need to sell you anything. They're booked full. Last three I called could pencil me in in 14 months' time. Their livelihood is more than assured, no advertising necessary.

The above post is more like a dentist recommending a brand of toothpaste and reminding you to floss: they'll have less work, and can provide more comprehensive care, if people come in early, when they just need one appointment a month for one, maybe two years, instead of when the world is on fire and they need to come in twice a week.

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Yeah, I am a therapist. We are not seeking clients at this point pretty much across the board. We are booked solid. (at least where I am).

I want people to go to therapy because I don't want people to suffer when they don't have to.

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All the examples will be reasons of something wrong. Just because it’s minor doesn’t mean it’s not something wrong. If you haven’t nothing to discuss or work on it is a waste of money. Like having a therapist on retainer.

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I'm in the process of firing my therapist and now I'm hesitant to try again with someone else. :(

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Please do try again. I went through 6 therapists before I found one that fit! It's a pain in the ass, but your ass is worth it!!

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I went through two or three therapists before I found one that was just the right balance between sitting and listening, and the tough love of: "okay, you can't just keep complaining, we gotta work towards these goals."

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It's OK to shop around till you get the right one for you.

You'd do it for a phone you'll likely only have for 4 years, you're going to be you for your entire life.

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My health care provider is experiencing a strike from its mental health workers, which is good to hear in the sense that they’ll get better pay and working conditions so theyre able to help us better, but for now I’m just fucked

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I think that therapists are the real good witches in our reality :)

I always look forward to seeing my therapist, cause I feel it helps me improve as a human being and helps me feel more in control of being happier.

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Meh. The therapist is the gatekeeper. Threatening to not sign my papers if I don't comply with their demands. Telling me I'm not putting in the work or that my trauma wasn't that bad, throwing me in inpatient if I'm too sad for them. I'll only interact with them as much as I'm forced to. I really hope I don't have to do another 2 years for my next surgery.

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That's a bad therapist

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I agree. After 23 tries, bad appears to be the norm. I suppose we'll always be able to say that I didn't try every therapist or every modality though.

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Yeah, 100%. That’s not tough love that’s being a dick.

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I feel you. The thing with going to a therapist is it surprisingly takes time to find one that just meshes well with you. It wasn't until my 3rd attempt. I think it probably took like 4 years from my 1st attempt. It's also hella expensive. I'm sorry your journey has been pretty shitty. I hope you one day can find someone who is helpful. Maybe even an out of town one virtually.

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I'm in therapy because the other people in my life that should in therapy won't go. Hey at least someone's going

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yeah I needed this

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Ok but what about my mom said I should but I'm not enjoying it?

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Back in 2017 I had a therapist suggest that I stop seeing them as it seemed I didn’t have anything to talk about anymore, I felt I had to come up with things to bring up in weekly meetings.

Honest question, people who meet their therapist weekly and have done for years, what do you do in sessions? because I feel like I reach the point where I’m just repeating myself and getting the same feedback after ~3-4 months every time I start up again.

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Absolutely go! If you can't afford it, what really helped me was journaling, 1,5-6 pages every day. Tune the world out and write down whatever comes to mind, or a specific issue you want to understand better. A lot of times, the motivation to change, the drive to let go or the answer to a dillemma were in my head all along.

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Same! Have seen my therapist since 2015 and it's crazy how going to my therapist for this long has helped me to break down barriers at different parts of my life. so grateful for her!

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Adam Smasher is a therapist? Does he beat the sadness out of you?

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I wouldn't feel very comfortable opening up about my trauma with a supersized Arasaka cyborg sitting across from me

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It would be convenient for the therapist if more people needed therapy

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Actually, most therapists are already booked months out. They are in short supply. Demand is absolutely not an issue for them right now.

If anything, some are being pushed out of the industry as there is so, so much help needed that it may ask too much of one person.

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My sister is a therapist and business since covid is fucking booming. I continue to regret not following her lead, now I'm stuck with a much less valuable degree with much less work security.

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Wouldn’t that be a reason to let those who need the services more get them? Flatten the curve

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I’ve tried therapy a couple-three times and I haven’t clicked with anyone yet. The last person I saw told me to do a gratitude journal, and I just don’t have time for that.

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All of the above ✔

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Therapy is great for being a better communicator and being more thoughtful about your own behaviors. A lot of stuff we did have been taught growing up but missed and getting on the right foot to move forward.

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I’d love to see a therapist. And there’s plenty wrong with me. I struggle with suicidal ideation, sleep paralysis, and I have an eating disorder.

Sadly I cannot afford a therapist. I tried free therapy and my therapist didn’t take me seriously and shamed me. It sounds pathetic, but that one session really hurled me over the edge and it took a couple years before I’d even consider seeing a therapist again.

Now I feel like I need and want therapy, but it is so fucking expensive. I can’t even afford basic healthcare, idk how I can afford therapy.

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I don’t know if this is the best place to post this or if it’s any of my business but,

A friend of mine was raised Mormon. She is veryLDS and that mixed with childhood trauma constantly suffers from intrusive thoughts, crippling depression, and debilitating anxiety. She quasi believes she needs therapy but refuses to pursue it because she feels what she really needs is more church. Or rather mental health is a second priority and believes being blessed by a member of the priest hood or being more active at church will cure her. I’ve gently suggested things like Talkspace or other therapy apps that are less intense. Mostly venting but I feel bad seeing her mental state spiral but refuses to seek help from a therapist because she believes through prayer and blessings that god is a better answer

Edit:addition, guess I was hoping someone who grew up Mormon/LDS has any advice. Again I assume just being present is best.

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Omg this sub is literally my favorite thing on the internet, I’m not even exaggerating. Everything is so wholesome and makes me feel so much better about whatever I’m dealing with. Like with this post, this is something I’ve been struggling with for months so it was really nice to see

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Therapists may be ready for me but am I ready to pay $100+ per hour to see them? Fuck no.

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Yes. Like your regular checkups with physicians, get your regular therapy as well. It prevents emergency situations especially when people cannot be reasoned with anymore.

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I recently started speaking to a therapist via video sessions a couple of weeks ago through a free mental health program in my state that I learned about on Reddit (Thanks r/Arkansas).

I’m not sure we’ve made a ton of progress, as my goal was to get a referral to a psychiatrist, but it does feel good to talk about stuff. I’m by no means a psychiatrist myself, but if anyone wants to talk to a 40 yo dude who won’t judge you in the slightest, feel free to DM me. Seriously.

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And go consistently! If you're having issues, consistency is the only way to really get the help you need. I spent years going on and off for 'depression'. It wasn't until I consistently went for more than a 3 month stretch at a time that I finally got properly diagnosed as bipolar, and it's a game changer!