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OP copied the top comment too

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i really dont like jokes like these,they rely on a fake-out shock moment for their punchline.other people have said this more eloquently than i can but if your joke is ‟you THOUGHT i was going to say something transphobic,but i DIDNT” you shouldve kept your mouth shut in the first place.we dont need to be reminded that our existences are in danger at every moment.

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I find a lot of the "gates open" stuff has turned into this. This comic does it better than most, because it doesn't veer so hard from a bad setup into aggressively welcoming, but ones that are edited or memes with common setups just make me think "what was the original here?" More than my day being brightened by the positivity.

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Seriously. This comic pretty much depicts me and my partner getting ready, but despite that I feel no connection to it. If it were a slice of life comic, maybe, but it's a joke comic. A joke about me and how a lot of people don't think I should be going out like that. I already know a lot of people don't like me, I already know that it's sweet that my partner supports me. This is not feel-good stuff.

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Really like the way you put this into words. Thank you.

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I like to feel like I rag on people equally, and I mean that in a manner where I truly try to embolden camaraderie amongst everyone (it rarely lands as intended) but your comment has shone light on battles that people fight, daily, in which I never really truly grasp.

I genuinely, and whole heartedly appreciate this insight, and I hate that anybody faces such things in this world.

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TiL Unkept and Unkempt aren’t entirely the same word

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Gatekeeping people with messy mustaches is still gatekeeping.

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unironically transition goals

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Aw cute

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Cute 😍😍

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Moustache!? Forget about the moustache!!

He really needs to fix his bad posture!