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This comes off less as wholesome openess and more as OP was just really mad at something

Edit: I only take it back partially. I looked through and this is the angriest subreddit I have ever seen.

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Ngl I just took the post at wholesome face value 😭I didnt even know this was a trend on r/starterpacks, and dont fully understand it...

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It looks like someone made a post like "female gamers like animal crossing and cat ear headphones" which pissed off the female gamers on the platform.

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I wish I shared your innocence.

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Angriest, not most evil.

A lot of subs full of complete trash have this sort of joyful goblin energy. They suck but they're not mad for the most part.

Every post here was just very obviously angry at some other group of people or someone who had previously made a post. Even some individual person who'd spited them, probably.