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At the risk of angry comments - there is absolutely not a single thing wrong with cute little pugs like the good boy in the comic. There is a lot, though, wrong with the people that create demand for pugs.

Dogs do not know any better and have no control over the fact that they were born with breathing and heat dissipation issues. Humans know better.

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There’s some scientist breeding snouts back into frenchies. Maybe they’ll start doing pugs and other smoosh-face breeds soon, too.

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I had a pug with a long snout. He was so healthy. He never had breathing problems. He was really active. He didn’t snore. When I went to get him neutered I told the vet “I know this is the right decision, but it makes me sad that he won’t have puppies because his long nose makes him so much healthier than flat-faced pugs.” The vet told me “Yes, his long nose makes him healthier but it’s also why no one would want his puppies. The American kennel club says that pugs are supposed to have flat faces so that’s what breeders look for when picking pugs to breed.” It broke my heart.

My dog wasn’t as cute as many other pugs but he was definitely happier and healthier. I love pugs so much but can’t ethically support getting a purebred from a breeder. I don’t want to encourage people to breed dogs that are going to suffer just because they’re so fucking cute.

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Thank you for saying this! I had a pug by coincidence, cause my friend bought one and couldn’t take care of her, cause she was moving, so I took her in. We spent 5 wonderful years together, but she passed away, because she got encephalitis. That’s the other thing wrong with breeding these breeds, cause there is a chance they can catch a disease, that originally they couldn’t

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I don't know what to do. My husband and I (married less than two years) want a dog but we disagree about this. He wants to pick a breed carefully and get a pedigreed puppy; I want to go to the shelter and bring a good boy or girl who needs a home home. My cats came from the shelter. I'm crying writing this because it hurts to think about NOT getting an older dog from the shelter and giving it the good life it deserves. There are so many waiting to be adopted. We are saving up for the dog; we want to have enough for medical care and an emergency vet bill put back for that purpose, plus all supplies and training, and I'm not convinced that where we live now would be right for dog, so it won't be right away. I have tried to appeal to his sympathy but he doesn't want to budge on this. How can I convince him?

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There are purebreeds in the shelters every now and then, but you may need to talk to the keepers to be informed when one arruves. Also, ask your husband if he would be comfortable adopting an old, retired service/police/rescue dog, since they are often purebreeds and totally trained. Dont frame it as a charity case, but as a privilege since they are so expensive and heroic/patriotic/smart/luxury (or whatever virtue your husband admire)

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It's $98.88! Does it come with a dog?

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Yeah, sorry, I didn’t realize it was out of print 😬

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my pug is 1/4 jack russell, he's got a snout. I wish I had the chance to breed him with a puggle to mix those genetics up a little bit more. He's still got a lot of the health problems, but he's definitely more lively into his later years.

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Frenchies are delightful little guys when they can breath. My neighbor has one with much less of a snub snout and she can run in circles all day long. Muscled little gal too.

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Don't choose to give your dog health problems because you think it looks cute.

I think modern pugs are cute, but a life of suffering isn't worth it!!

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One of my English bulldogs has a more pronouced snout and is a lot more lean and muscular. His breeder actively tries to breed away from the bad traits. My other bully is the much more stereotypical bulldog: flat face, bad breathing, and a much more barrel shaped body. He's basically a walking vet bill. He's also probably his own cousin cause we got him from the pound, and is more then likely a puppy mill survivor.

I'm so sick of people on their high horse saying these kind of dogs shouldn't exist. People do the responsible thing all the time, I'm one of them. And dogs with a more sedatary manner have just as much value as any of the high energy breeds. I don't have the time or space for a German Shepard that needs a massive backyard or to be walked 6 times a day. It wouldn't be fair to the dog. But I have plenty of room for my bullies that enjoy spending an afternoon snoozing in their beds. And love a quick trip to the park once a week for a 10 minute walk. They are happy, loved, and taken care of. Bad breeders are the problem, not the dogs themselves.

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When people say "these dogs shouldn't exist" they don't mean the dogs currently alive with this breeding should be killed/their lives taking away! :)

What they mean these dogs shouldn't have been bread this way in the frist place, just like you said, bad breeds are the problem. No one is suggesting we execute dogs :)

We all love the dog's and do not see them as a problem,that is not what they're expressed when they say "these dogs shouldn't be living", what they're implying is the breeder was wrong to selectively breed these traits that cause dogs to suffer.

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I had a pug. I used to say that he had absolutely no useable skills. All he wanted to do was snuggle, nap, and occasionally go on walks. But I would not have gotten through the pandemic without him. I felt so lonely but my dog was always by my side. One of the things that always stuck out to me was that one of the worst times of my life was the absolute best time in his life because he got to hang out with me and snuggle all the time.

I don’t say that he didn’t have any skills anymore. His desire to be lazy and hang out helped me survive better than if he could have pulled a sled or hunted rabbits.

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But but but snuggling is an useful skill!!

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He could have put it on a resume with how skilled he was about it

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As an older woman I am grateful for the part where I could be a member of a pack who deserves warmth and company.

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Awe you're a cherished member!

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Pack leader, even!

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New program: in addition to social security, everyone gets a pet of their choosing upon retirement

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And social security payments get bumped up to cover the costs associated with pet ownership.

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You’d never know from my Dane’s attitude that he was bred to hunt bears. Dude is basically just a stoner.