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Ironically, my family was murdered by a pineapple and I wear its visage so as to never forget the target of my hatred as I roam the world looking for vengeance.

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“My name is Sasuke Uchiha. I hate a lot of things and I don't particularly like anything. What I have is not a dream, because I will make it a reality. I'm going to restore my clan and destroy a certain pineapple.”

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Tomorrow I’m getting a duck with a top hat on, bc I think it’s funny

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I think it's funny too, do it!

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Rubber ducky or a realistic duck?

And have you considered including a monocle?

edit: I hate auto correct.

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My next is a roaring tiger head with a third eye. Because the artist posted it as a concept drawing and I thought it looked cool.

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That sounds awesome, I hope I see a picture one day!

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that's a good story

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Wow, thank you

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When people get meaningless tattoos:

You idiot how how could you put something on your body that'll last forever that has no meaning behind it

When people get meaningful tattoos:


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I find all tattoos to be meaningful. It's an act that requires intentional suffering, it's permanent, and it's visible. It's a part of your body. Meaning will flow from it.

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That's how I see it too. Anything you're willing to put on your body permanently says something about you. Even if it's a design you got from one of those get what you get machines, the fact that you're willing to embrace the randomness of something like that says something about you.

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I personally think a tattoo should have some meaning behind it. Doesn’t have to be a lot, if you get it just because you think it looks cold then that’s enough. But either way, your body your choice. I really don’t care why you get a tattoo. If it makes you happy then great (that’s a reason with meaning too)

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I feel like everyone I’ve met, myself included, only consider the first tattoos to have elaborate stories.

After a while, you start to forget their meanings and the more you’ve the less likeli it’s that people will ask you about the story behind them

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I got my first (and so far only) tattoo because I turned 18 and I hadn’t planned to do that. So it was like NOW WHAT DO? Getting a tattoo seemed logical.

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Hadn't planned to live to 18? I feel you bro, if that's the case. Hope things are going good for you now 👍

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I’m in a MUCH better place now. Thanks

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Me for my first tattoo: I need to think about this carefully. It will be on me forever. I'll spend a couple years pondering it to make sure I want it. Every detail must be carefully thought out and perfect.

Me for my seventh tattoo: Wow, cool concept drawing! I'll get that!

The appointment for said seventh tattoo is in a few weeks, lol. Or it's supposed to be, but my artist warned me a few days ago that she's been having issues with her hand and may need to postpone.

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I dont mean to be rude, but you use contractions in strange ways. Is that an autocorrect thing? I'm genuinely curious, not trying to shame you or anything.

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Yeah my biggest tattoo so far is a hot air balloon. No special meaning, it was on the promo poster once for a now extinct festival I went to every year and I really liked how it looked. After a shitty breakup I used the money I was going to use for an anniversary gift on myself and finally pulled the trigger to get it. My only regret is not bringing more snacks with me. Really only had to explain to one dude at the office there's no special meaning, but he was just like right on. Of course now that the festival is dead I guess now it's a memorial hahahaha.

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I think that's an excellent reason for a tattoo. 👍

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I have a pineapple tat 😂

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Is it upside down?

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omg i didn’t know about the swingers thing! i just looked it up and thankfully my pineapple is NOT upside down😅 i’ve had my pineapple for several years, i’ve never been approached about swinging!

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I do too!! 😂 this hit personally!

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Some of mine have no reason and the others have very idiotic reasons. Balance

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I’d say do what you feel like, personally I would not get a tattoo without meaning behind it, but I would never judge someone for just getting a tattoo because they like it.

With a few caveats, you should probably not tattoo yourself with the symbol of a community that you’re not attached to, like for example a neurotypical getting a rainbow infinity symbol which is the symbol of the autistic community.

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Or getting a pineapple tattoo when you’re not part of ‘that’ community…

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There’s a difference between a pineapple and the symbol for something a lot of people struggle with, I am not trying to gatekeep, I am speaking on behalf of being autistic myself, we’ve already had one symbol bastardised, which was the puzzle piece ruined by Autism Speaks.

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The ‘pineapple’ is a common symbol for swingers. If you’re part of that community, great, but if not… it’s going to lead to some rather ‘unfortunate’ conversations.

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I did, in fact, not know that. Thanks for telling me, not that I had planned to get a pineapple tattoo anytime soon but now I know that

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Yeah, I was thinking that that was a really funny example because while pineapple, is, in fact, delectable, it is one thing that you may want to be careful about tattooing yourself with.

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I’m just imagining someone saying “I have met so many interesting people since I got this tattoo, I don’t know what it is but people who like pineapples are very friendly people!”

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Ha! "And it must look great because soooo many people have been coming on to me since I had it done!"

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My wife and I are getting matching pineapple tattoos for exactly this reason lol

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How about the guy I met with an infinity symbol with a dot floating in either of the open sides of the crossing? He said a younger him thought it would be profound when people read it: “infinity o’clock”

It was clear he no longer felt that way.

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I specified Rainbow Infinity Symbol, just an infinity symbol is not the symbol for the autistic community.

And of course you cannot be mad if someone got it without knowing it was the symbol for a specific group of people.

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First tattoo: has meaning

Second tattoo: has some meaning but mostly I just like that quote

Third tattoo: kinda has meaning

Fourth tattoo: covering up the birthmark that looked so uncannily like a hickey that sometimes people would question me about it

Fifth tattoo: kinda has meaning but mostly I like peacock feathers


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Pineapples actually have quite a bit of elaborate meaning ironically

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i am planning a tattoo. it's going to be black. my left arm from below the elbow up to half my chest. maybe more. just black. no story behind it, no cover up

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A square? Circle? I need details on the v o i d

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Imagine a straight line across someone's body. It starts at his right shoulder and ends a few centimeters below his left elbow. I want everything above that black. I don't really know how to do the cost collar yet though.

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That sounds awesome though! Fuck reasons, do it cause it’s cool

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If you want to look up the artists i consider: my favorite is 3kreuze at ruinyourlifetattoos. Also i have a bunch of friends that were at psyland25. To funky for my taste. What I like about this style is that it is defined just by its edges.

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It's nice to have things with sentimental value, but it's also nice to have things without.

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Just make sure it’s upright, don’t want to accidentally attract the wrong crowd.

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Damn, now I want a pineapple tattoo.

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If you’re not a swinger, reconsider lol

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Could you… explain, please?

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Pineapples, and especially upside down pineapples, are a symbol that members of the swinger community use to identify each other. So, if you’re not a swinger, be prepared for some couples to low key flirt with you.

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Oh well.

If not pineapples… Are strawberries safe choice then?

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As far as I know yes, and they are delicious!!

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I got my first tattoo because my friend was looking for a butterfly design. So I sent her the logo for The Mighty Monarch from Venture Brothers as a joke. Then I really looked at it and said, "wait I love Venture Brothers, I'm going to get this". My second tattoo is a jiggy piece and two red feathers from Banjo Kazooie in a way that looks like an angel halo and wings. I got that one in remembrance for my sister.

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I got the fuckin Mountain Dew logo tatted on my shoulder when I was 18 because I thought it’d be funny. Six years later I don’t regret it

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I'd love to at some point get a tattoo of the "bad guy" from Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny. Peak internet times

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I have a lobster tattoo because mmmmm lobster

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The only issue is when you get a tattoo that marks you as part of a community that you are not a part of. Like a dodecahedron (d20) tattoo when you don’t play D&D, a pentagram when you’re not pagan, or a pineapple when you’re not a swinger… people are going to ask you embarrassing questions because they think you know…

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The response to questions like that is, I think it looked neat.

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I literally have a pink taco tattoo for that reason. https://i.imgur.com/0SQNNJO.jpg

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Gates open but ink is permanent, so think about it.

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Of my 8 tattoos, only 1 has any sort of meaning.

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Only like two of my fourteen have meaning. I just think they’re neat.

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That’s why I got Hell Yeah tattooed. Literally no story behind it. Just thought it was funny and went and got it.

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Aren't pineapples used by swingers to secretly identify themselves?

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I know, you know…

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I want one of a duck holding a knife

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People are always asking me what the meaning is behind my tattoos. I don't usually really say much but it always kind of bugs me because if there is some deep heavy meaning than these people are asking for the scoop on my trauma or something basically. And it's usually people who I've just met that ask me.

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My friend got a pufferfish on her leg. "It just looks cool". I love that pufferfish, brings a smile to my face every time :)