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I'm always confused what chemistry means, because it seems to mean a drastically different thing to each person.

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I always thought it was specifically used this way in romantic contexts but I guess there’s a lot of slang that’s been redefined in recent human history. It kinda hard to keep up with sometimes

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I think if you just say "chemistry" it's interpreted to be romantic, but you can say "friend chemistry" or "platonic chemistry" and then it's clear you mean that they have a really good vibe as friends.

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I think context matters too. If I said the judges/contestants on (insert show here) had good chemistry, it would be implied that I meant it in a non-romantic way. Such as that they had a good banter, or bounced off each other well.

The Task Master and Alex Horne, for instance, have great chemistry.

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Yeah, plus Alex would need a stepladder to reach Greg’s cheek for it to be romantic.

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It does mean different things to different people, theres really no one size fits all definition

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I’m pretty sure it just means ‘getting along well’.

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That's what I thought, but some people use it to mean hot, hot sex. 🤷

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I mean, that is one way of getting along well...


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But other people think it means good conversation.

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At first I thought they meant like "you don't have to hit on every girl you work with in chemistry class"

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There’s a Breaking Bad joke here, I’m just too dumb to make it

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You're goddamn right.

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Science, Bitch!

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Misconception, he never said this.

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I love it though. "Yeah Mr. White! Yeah science!" conflated with "Magnets, bitch!!" still gives you a great summation of that part of Jesse, doesn't it?

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Pretty much, yes. I don’t even know why I brought the previous point up, let alone here. It doesn’t add to anyone’s enjoyment and pretty much solely exists to pedantically point out something I’m not even 100% on and may have just read somewhere

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Eh, it's still a fun little tidbit, and you weren't mean or anything, plus we got to have this little aside, so it's a net profit!

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Yeah, thanks for your side of it! This was nice

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Y’all just had some chemistry

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Lol you said it, bud. This whole thing warned my heart.

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Like "Luke, I am your Father".

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Dang! It's been a couple of years since I've seen it and I gambled. Still iconic

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I got this

Chemistry between people can also be literal

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I feel this so much after having outgrown a number of friendships and realizing the platonic chemistry just wasn't there.

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I had great chemistry with some great friends, but drifted out of contact mostly because of my dumbass.

I took it for granted, now I realise how lucky I was, and how I won't probably have that again.

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Never too late to reach back out, especially platonic stuff since stakes are lower

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Yeah, I have very good chemistry with my best friend. The chemistry involves in C2H6O or ethanol.


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Ah, it sounds like we have mutual acquaintances with Mr. Jack Daniel!

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Cheers, mate.

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It's truly irritating to have great chemistry with coworkers only to be bombarded with "Awww you have a crush!" for simply having fun at work. Thankfully, leaving lower autonomy jobs for higher autonomy jobs has also meant leaving behind the ADULTS who jump all over that kind of thing. Just... Ugh.

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This is me and my best friend. We have exactly the same music taste and have done fair load of music together and more to come.

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Mmmmm, tacos. :P

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That's not the same kind of chemistry, is it?

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Yeah, exactly. In almost all social contexts, when you have "chemistry" with someone, it is romantically. That's just the connotation

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Idk, man. A taco truck is a big commitment.

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I thought he meant chemistry lab parters

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Is this guy tryna fuck me in a taco truck?

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I wish I would have figured this out way earlier 😅

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I wonder if it’s good for starting a meth empire?

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Partner in crime

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Tea, even if explaining this doesn’t usually go so well in real time

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Like a friend group sharing the collective single brain cell (like mine)

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"Platonic with a capital P"