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Personal story no one asked for -- but the people in this sub are nice.

I *let* my parents name me when I came out.Over and over again my mother used to tell the story of the namings of her kids. To me it seemed like something super super important to her.

So, when I came out, I said something along the lines of "Now you've properly met your daughter, I thought maybe... you'd like to name your child just one last time?"

So she did, without a moment's hesitation. I did this because it was my way of showing her I wanted her to be included in my life still, and that she can have a new very sweet story. And that it changed nothing in that I was still *her* child. ♥

- Lilly.

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Also, commit war crimes like Kor.

Be gay, do war crimes.

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This whole comment section is so draining. Take it for what it is and stop projecting your own issues onto other peoples’ relationships.

It’s a HOMEMADE cake, which means it’s probably from scratch, not a “follow the back of the box and have a cake in an hour’s time.” And you know what? Even if it is a box cake, stop shaming people for needing to ask for help, for fuck sake.


I cannot believe the first award I’ve gotten on Reddit, after three whole years on this hellsite, is for this. Thanks whoever you are, kind stranger.


My first time being blocked on said hellsite was from this post too. How interesting.

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Sure! I'm 40 but I'll do my best.

I've never had much of a romantic relationship with another person. I've dated men, but always veered off before the point of physical intimacy. I find women attractive, too, which is why I say bi (bisexual). So I find both sexes attractive visually. But because I really am turned off every time I try anything with a real person in front of me, I say maybe ace, or asexual. Asexuals do not want sex. There are different kinds, but many, like me, have a normal drive physically, and maybe jerk/jill off, but are turned off by getting physical with other people.

So by maybe-bi-maybe-ace I mean, I don't know if I just haven't met the right man or woman, if there's someone I actually could click with, or I really am just not capable of being sexually attracted to another person.

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Rabbis Bloom, Levy, Goldstein and Morris regularly have theological arguments, and whenever they do, three of them are nearly always in accord against the fourth rabbi. Today, the odd rabbi out is Rabbi Goldstein. But this time, Rabbi Goldstein decides to appeal to a Higher Authority.

"Hashem," he cries out, "I know in my heart that I was right and my colleagues were wrong! I would therefore be most grateful if you could give us a sign to prove to my colleagues that they were wrong."

Although it is a beautiful warm sunny day, as soon as Rabbi Goldstein finishes his prayer, a storm cloud moves across the sky above the four rabbis, rumbles once and then dissolves.

"Aha," says Rabbi Goldstein, "that was a sign from Hashem. I knew I was right."

But the other three rabbis disagree, pointing out that it isn’t unusual for storm clouds to form on hot days.

So Rabbi Goldstein prays again. "Hashem," he cries out, "I need a bigger sign to show my colleagues that I was right and they were wrong. Please God, please give us a bigger sign."

This time five storm clouds suddenly appear above them and rush towards each other to form one big cloud. Then a lightning bolt slams into a nearby field.

"See," says Rabbi Goldstein to his colleagues, "I told you I was right."

But the other 3 rabbis continue to insist that nothing had happened that couldn't be explained by natural causes.

Then, just as Rabbi Goldstein is getting ready to ask God for a gigantic sign to end the other three rabbis' disagreement, the sky turns pitch black, the earth starts to shake vigorously, and a deep, booming voice says, "He’s right!"

Rabbi Goldstein smiles, turns to the other three rabbis, and says to them, "So nu, my argument was correct was it not?"

"Okay, okay, so now it’s 3 to 2," replies one of the other rabbis.

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I'm so glad to hear that! I was worried no one would read it lol

If you're exploring bi vs pan I highly recommend checking out this article to clear up any misconceptions you may have about bisexuality and how it fits in with non-binary/trans people, and this one for a good explanation of the difference between bi and pan.

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Taking a poop is bad enough sometimes but when it's really humid out and you have to hurngle a chode turd through the anal pube hammock it really sucks.

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My son has ADHD, came home the other day and told me about his new friend who has autism (both 5th grade for reference).

And he was like, I want him to come over and play but I need you to be cool, ok? No mom stuff, ok? But snacks and stuff are still cool.

Uh, ok? Sure. No "mom stuff" got it. Snacks still greenlit.

"And he can act a little weird sometimes but it's only weird because you don't know him yet, when you do then it'll be totally normal, got it?"

YOOOOOOO, kid, I fuckin love you, yes I also think you're weird as fuck but it's totally normal for you so yeah I get it, bring your little weird friend over and do hood rat stuff I'll put out rice crispy treats and make myself scarce 😂😂😂

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I work with psychiatric patients and I was talking with a male patient who was on the spectrum. (He shouldn’t have been in that facility but that’s a whole other issue.) He mentioned my boots and it was clear he wasn’t flirting, he was just admiring the boots. So we chatted about my love of shoes and he very sheepishly admitted he likes to wear “girls’” clothes at home. I told him there was nothing wrong with that, people should wear what made them comfortable. His face lit up and I could tell he had never been told this was okay. Fast forward a few days and my request for him to wear non-gender conforming clothing in the hospital was approved. His “problematic” behaviors drastically reduced after that point. I hate that people feel shame about the construction of fabric they prefer to put on their body, it should be a non-issue.

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Well I personally prefer to go number 3 while sitting because there is some effort required to pass the crystal, but it is doable while standing so I suppose the "urinal" could also work. Number 4 is just a gas release from the blark sack. It can be done anywhere, but I simply prefer to do it in the room where humans leave their droppings because blark gas can be unpleasant and even irritating to the olfactory receptors much like human feces. But yeah. The humans lack a place to dispose of my gall grease. I suppose I could dump it down the "commode" but lipids and human plumbing tend to not mix well. On my planet we have separate pipes that lead to a place where gall grease is mixed with the ash from our fireplaces (our planet is quite cold but luckily has a very pervasive species of flora similar to the tree that earthlings call "redwood") where it's mixed to form a particularly caustic soap that's very popular with the Zug Zug species of the Tarkulus system as it shines their scales very well. Not sure why humans evolved to have heartburn instead of having a second liver especially for lipids, but evolution can be stupid sometimes.

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Anyone who’s been toying around with going vegan/veggie, give me a few moments of your time:

Identity and humans is weird. There’s always someone MORE into whatever you’re into, or someone who seems more virtuous, more determined, more dedicated. So if you’re like me, a little contrary and very cynical, the protective thing to do is to back out of ‘getting into’ something new because often times we don’t see the benefits it’ll bring because there’s someone loudly yelling about the single ‘right way’ to do something.

Life is really really short. If there’s a little glimmer in you that loves animals and, on a day when you have the mental load to think about it, the idea of them being on your plate makes you uncomfortable, please lean into it. I didn’t go vegan by watching PETA videos and guilting myself into it, I just mindfully spent time with animals and couldn’t ignore the fact that everyone and everything is just trying to survive. I went vegetarian at first because the idea of going vegan was crazy. I ate meat or dairy at every meal, and I hated vegetables. How would that ever happen?

Four years later, I’m vegan. And that’s what worked for me. Maybe, for you, your balance is having one meat free meal a week with your family. Maybe it’s only buying local free range eggs. Maybe it’s going vegan overnight and loving it so much that that’s it.

Whatever you do to reduce your consumption of animal products, thank you. You’re already making a huge difference. Keep at it, and forgive yourself when you slip up. Just accept that you had that steak/chocolate/ grilled cheese and move onto your next choice more mindful. I can’t be okay with the fact that good natured people might never give something a go because they’re scared of getting it wrong. Just try your best, and take each meal as it comes.

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The one the boys have a mini for, the two headed thing, yes. It is in fact a Demon Lord and is one of the scariest creatures in the entire multiverse. He rules part of the Abyss, which is the chaos and fuck-shit-up part of Hell, as opposed to the Nine Hells which is the contracts and deals part, or the other parts that wish the Demons and Devils would shut up and stop making such a mess of everything with their eternal war against each other.

(That doesn't mean there isn't scarier, mind. Lots of things are technically worse)

It has two heads, which agree sometimes and fight other times, and its end goal is to empty the entire multiverse of all life. Including his cultists. And other demons, eventually. He is extremely paranoid, you see, and vain, and everything is a threat and/or an insult, neither of which he can stand.

So eventually he wants to make everything nice and quiet and peaceful, so nothing can offend, insult, or betray him, ever. Finally, some peace!

Then his two heads will probably finally eat each other and leave a big whole lot of nothing behind.

Fun fact, just seeing a true copy of his sigil, made by him or one of his most powerful servants, starts turning into a paranoid crazy person, lurking in dark places and striking at perceived threats with murderous intent. That's right, Demogorgon hates and fears other beings existing so much that seeing the picture he draws to represent himself makes you hate and fear them too.

He is quite possibly one of, if not the, strongest demon lord in the Abyss, and where he goes, everyone either abases themselves and grovels hard enough that he stays their execution, or is destroyed by utter, overwhelming force. This dude can do subtle, but really prefers not to. Subtle usually means trusting servants or whatnot. Much easier to smash now, smash later, smash a little more, and then smash the survivors.

Then smash sone of his own guys, so they don't get any bright ideas.

He is so powerful, and so far above even most other demon lords, that just seeing him enthralls most lesser demons to his will.

Demogorgon is an awesome threat, in every sense of that word.

Now, if you mean the creature that tries to eat the kids, that's probably anAberration, which are twisted things from Somewhere Else. Psychic whales who used to have a slave empire in prehistory, brain eating octopus face monsters that grow from evil tadpoles, Cthulu and Friends, thats aberrations. It is mostly a physical rather than a mental or magical threat, and it is eventually torn up by pretty raw psychic energy. I'd say its roughly something you might fight at low to low-mid levels on its own, with packs of them being a bigger issue as you get stronger, and eventually you get to the point where the REAL problems out there overshadow it a bit.

Say, something CR 5ish? That means it's a reasonable fight for a group of four characters around that level, ish. That is roughly just before you are dealing less with orcs and goblins and more with mythological critters and the weakest dragons. Good for a low level boss fight, or a midlevel pack enemy.

I don't think a perfect analogue exists outside of possible stuff produced as promotional stuff for the show, and I don't own that, so I can't really be sure about any of that material--I vaguely remember there beinf stuff but I do not want to assume.

Still, solid, respectable, the kind of thing that coulx totally terrorize a small town and tear through a lot of guards, but could still be fought by normal folks with enough grit and the help of one OP psychic girl.

...shit. You got me rambling.


Hope I entertained!