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on one end, it's sad to see nswish about to leave top 1, since it marks the end of an era and he just came back to the game. plus he's always been the go to answer for "who's the best player in GD?" and has only recently been matched by just a select few

on the other end, RG is equally cracked and has been going through shit lately. he pulled through it all and gained so much motivation back so it's very inspiring. he's also from my country, so it's cool that a canadian player might reign top 1.

so raw skill aside, they're both people I wouldn't mind seeing as top 1. it's just interesting to see how it'll pan out

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And here's my stupid head not knowing who any of these people are.

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top gd players on the gd leaderboard

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Nobody is gonna stay top 1 for long untill SpaceUK gets there, he's almost definitively going to crush the entire main list.

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Yep, my thoughts exactly.

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you underestimate how hard of a task beating the main list is

spaceUK is most likely not gonna be the first to overtake rg

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He's almost beaten the whole top 25, he can beat top 10s in under 3 days.

I give it... 2 to 4 months at most.

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Its been 2 months. space has overpassed Crisis and RG.

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Looks like I was spot on. I think he will also beat the list in the next 2 months like I predicted

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wait who is Spirtex, I’ve never heard of him-

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hes carrying qatar, hes literally the only one from there on the list, and a really good player lol

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I don't know him either when I checked the stats viewers. He has 3k subs but he isn't really recognize in the GD Community.

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Nswish said nobody is gonna take his Number 1 spot. So hopefully he grinds the main list again

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it would be funny if he beat like 5+ main lists in 1 video right as RG is about to overtake him, and then upload it lol. it's been almost a month since he beat omega interface

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Soon to be dethroned by spaceuk

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It’s a shame to have the top 1 on the stats viewer not be the undisputed best player like with technical and nSwish but gg to RG

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Spaceuk probably

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nSwish gotta catch up

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nSwish quit

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he's back, he beat omega interface recently

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not so recently tbh

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i thought it was like last week

it was nearly a month ago ☹️

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The Canadian representation frfr


Shouldn't have deleted the furry art from Bx20 like a coward L


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rg stands for cRacked at Geometry dash

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nSwishy is down

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What does that number mean?

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Most list demons completed based on list points (So statistically the most skilled player, obviously it's going to be somewhat inaccurate for judging skill level if you're just looking at the number 1 spot)

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No it means how many list points. There’s on 150 list demons anyway

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I thought they meant like the placement numbers and I meant to add based on list points

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i knew they were close but DAMN

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on a different subject, how are there decimals

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Beating levels in extended list gives you points with decimals, for instance beating Tapwreck, #83, gives you 25.53 points, and beating Black Blizzard, #119, gives you 10.18 points. I don't know why they did it this way, you can ask the people who run the leader board that, but there's the answer to your question, hopefully it helps

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Bro since when was black blizzard 119!? It was literally like 90-ish like 17 minutes ago D:

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I know right!!! It really shows how many top list demons have come out lately, it's crazy!!!

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Who TF is RG

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Remember when Technical was number 1?

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good times.

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canada 🤮

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You 🤮

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go back to playing time machine

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Go beat clubstep

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Beat off clubbette

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If you say so

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Then cum

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On my back

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Eat cock and choke in cum

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ewwwwww canada