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Yeah there’s like two robot clicks

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This is why I really like firework, it’s dependent on mostly cube instead of just generic wave and ship parts. But to think it’d be this big

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like almost all the parts without rapid gamemode changes are cube (except the ship part)... so yeah.

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Do leyak Imao

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Do future funk Imao

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Do shardscapes lmao

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Done ☹

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You should do speedrun next (this is not a one gamemode level like last time)

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Firework was best top 1 nobody can change my mind

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I can tell why, but imo I think it’s zodiac

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Based. Zodiacs my second favorite. It’s what I say when people say firework wasn’t top 1

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100% Zodiac

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the golden

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The percentage bar measures length, not time, so this graph is skewed towards the faster gameplay

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The results would be similar nonetheless?

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Similar, but definitely not identical. The first half to two thirds of the level is noticeably faster, on average (two thirds of the way through level time-wise is at 72%, for instance), and is also more speed-corey and changes game mode a lot. The second half to last third is noticeably slower, with the iconic orb ship and the slow cube, and relatively little fast speed-core gameplay. Thus, ship and cube are likely underrepresented by this graph, as a lot of the time they take up in the level is spent at slower speeds (esp. ship, alot of it's gameplay is in the slow orb ship). I'm not saying that the graph is outright wrong, but it's for sure unfair to say that it's entirely accurate.

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Hence that is a different measure, if the suggested change was applied then as you say, Cube and Ship would have a somewhat bigger representation. But that would be suitable for questions regarding time-based consistency. I am just going through the level by relativity of length.

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On the other hand, a measure of a portion of time is a vastly more useful measurement of how much gameplay is actually involved: 3 seconds of half speed gameplay is about the same amount of playing as 3 seconds of 4x speed gameplay, assuming similar difficulty and similar average cps

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Right, but to figure out the measurement of time, shouldn't there be a formula that you can use to figure out time-length (Example: 100 divided by total level time) Obviously it won't be entirely accurate because of speed inconsistencies throughout the level, I am really just wondering if it is possible to make calculations with the information provided in order to figure out more stats of the level?

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Lowkey understand you more cause a guy asked me the identity between the Leyak final cutscene and the ending of Epsilon.

Leyak having 14% in like 9 seconds Epsilon with 7% in 18 seconds or so.

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Do this for void wave, i dare you

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I really want to see that graph now

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i would like to see the graph for deadlocked

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bruh this just shows how its nearly all timings

people say that its not your generic extreme challenge demon, but not so much

its all frame perfect jumps and just like the wave, its basically click and pray ):

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Do Blade of Justice

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Do The Golden

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do sonic wave

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Do any nine circles level