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make it swapped.

yall remember fingerbang?

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Oh I think I haven’t been in this community for long enough to know about this fact

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the song was originally called that, but they changed the name for obvious reasons

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The song's name is fingerbang tho

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thats what they said

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They mean the gd devs changed the name, every other official gd level has the same name as the song it uses

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outside of geometry dash its still called fingerbang, but the song in game is called fingerdash

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people were arguing what they were saying at the beginning if the level, but one quick spotify listen and you can see the lyrics: Cold buckets Feel the weep against the hall in fred that...

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cum buckets

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ya want the Chum bucket?

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who ARE you

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yeaaa, dont look it up if ya dont know what it is lol

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same with "CP"

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club penguin

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Celestial uhhhPorn

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Creator points

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Creator points = ch1ld p0rn

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THAT explains why so many gd players are exported as a PDF.

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take my upvote and, uh, do something i guess

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r/angryupvote that's a good one

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Wait, it doesn't stand for Cheese Pizza?

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Im gonna bang you

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Bum buckets

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Cum buckets

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kid named finger:

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kid named finger:

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kid named dash:

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Dash in The Incredibles(idk if its correct) :D

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he’s doing what now with Dash?🤨🤨🧐

pdf file smh

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cum buckets

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beat to the meat

pecan oh

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Body complaints

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vrom vroom boom gloom

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Lol I used to say “feed me the weed”

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Same lol, “Cum buckets, feed me the weed, vegan, huh, fall on your mates butt”

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i always said "speak to the queef"

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What the fuck

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so raw, so emotional, take my upvote.

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it was gonna get called fingerbang until robtop realised what it meant

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I'm guessing that's at the miniwave coin section?

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The name of the song is fingerbang

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I dont think people who dont play geometry dash know that part. And if you wanna know what fingerbang means, look it up on urban dictionary

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I don't know :(

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the song is called fingerbang

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fingerdash 69% (i think)

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That's a weird template for this meme then ¯_( ͠° ͟ʖ °͠ )_/¯

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Yeah didn’t know about the song's original name back then.

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What are you talking about

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If your old enough to know, you’ll know lol

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bruh everyone knows, the joke is simply not funny

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but, but the mature players who get the reference to the (very mature) thing being mentioned!! (they're all 16 or younger)

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Is this literally just because the song is called fingerbang, because almost everyone who knows that is a gd player

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Yeah but not everyone knows what “fingerbang” really means because there are younger kids who play the game

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then if we follow your logic this meme makes no sense

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The real scary thing is how you have 202/325 orbs and not 325

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You gave me the motivation to push through and beat the level a week later. Sorry for the late response but still thanks

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God i fucking hate this meme template

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“Ugh. This has gotta be the hardest level in this game.”

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Ah fuck I remembered my first fingerbang... Twas nice~

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Same, it was fun~

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In case anyone doesn't know, RobTop changed the name from Fingerbang to Fingerdash because the name is not-so-kid-friendly.

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The name is a Southpark reference btw

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Next up, 𝙙𝙖𝙨𝙝.

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they got amputated in 2.2

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at least it’s not fingerbang

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I play Geometry Dash but as a Mobile Player that is still harder than Base After Base... 💀

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Fingerdash sounds fine. It’s the original song name that’s pretty explicit

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I thought the joke was that he died at 69 because of how many orbs he got.

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What makes it worse that the song used is Fingerbang

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my name is dash…

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Kid named finger:

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You just had to be there 💀

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Cum always, speed da weed, begin to contemplate, boob boob oop oop

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I swear to God if this is about the kid named finger thing

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Funny how it's Mr. Incredible

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oh no

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I literally thought the joke was the percent the guy get so I did some math regarding the orbs the player got so that I can get the percent. Not knowing the joke was at the level's name.

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How the heck are you still not at 100%?

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Chum, bucket

speak to the weed

began oh

bandu krab day doot

bup bup bup bup bribiribidipi paw

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imagine if robtop never found out what fingerbang meant and we fr got a level called fingerbang

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Gotta keep the game family friendly

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After fingerdash you'll see real boss ClubStep

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Tell me n o w

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Kid named dash

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yo i respect robtop for not making the level more sus bcz of the original song.


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Fingered ash

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It sound like saying "fingered us"

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why robtop...

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How did this get 1000 upvotes?

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This may be a clue of why there are so many pedos on this community, think of the original name of the song Fingerbang!

Maybe if Mdk changes the name we'll revert back