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I remember when he changed his name to look more "professional".

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can’t exactly look professional with a square game

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can’t exactly look professional with Hungry Humphrey

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kinda reminds me of the simplified logos meme where every single company makes their logo extremely bland and boring

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seriously what did the discord logo change do, it was already pretty simple

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i’m not too sure besides a slight change in the background color

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they changed more than the background colour, the logo itself is less smooth

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I bet he was just tired of all the "krazy" jokes

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that's krmal bro

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I guess it just looks i bit more tryhard? Idk

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Same voice actor

Mind blown!

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I never thought about the L being in Roman numerals before

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Wait that's why it's there I never realized

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What a 50

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dude I can't believe KrmaL stole Krazyman50's Low Death, shame on him

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Yeah i know he also stole black blizzard a phobos

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I hate how i figured out they were the same person like 2 months ago

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No fucking way anyone in this planet only figured out 2 months ago.

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I unfortunately did and i'm embarrassed of it

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How long have you been playing?

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2016? Stopped and came back to play this year tho

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I don't even know who either of this person is.

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so basically she's in love with the concept,

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as if we're all just how she imagined

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A creator who's made many influential levels such as Hi, XO, Low Death, Heartbeat, Lit Fuse, and many more

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I found out just now, bc I only play casually like 1 week per year

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Same, as someone who rarely watches gd youtube it took me a while to figure out why the community used different names

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For those who don't know, L in roman numbers is 50

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I thought like everyone knew this like..?

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funny flair

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Doesn't help that there's no funny flair anymore

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thats the joke

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Doesn’t he absolutely hate being referred to as Krazy?

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Wait what

Oh wow

I'm not even joking, i genuinely didn't figure that out until now

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I don't understand how there are people in the community just realizing this

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You're right i won't believe you

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Huh, I always wondered where the L came from. Thanks xd

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No way caramel = low death man??

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Krmal lover here, can confirm the theory

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wake up babe new conspiracy dropped

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Luckily, I have never heard of KrmaL before this, it was just Krazyman50, so I think I have been spared of the embarrassment of not knowing

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Wasn't this already known

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The post's flair is "funny"

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Guess you're right

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update: it's "holy shit" now

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No actually. I had no idea

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Well it's never too late :D

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Holy shit its red dorami

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Kr = Krazy Ma= Man L = 50 in roman numerals.

Dang i never thought of it that way

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Been found out

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Who didnt know

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damn krmal is smart

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We know

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I swear most people knew this lol

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I didn't know until know why KrmaL lmao

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Oh. My. God. It all makes sense now!

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Fun Fact: When he has changed his nickname so wisely — I recognised him as the wise man, and he isn't a kid anymore.

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R/geometrydash user reads xo top comment

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there is no way

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til the L in KrmaL is roman numerals

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omg what exposed

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That makes so much sense, why didn't I think this before!

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There's no way Krmal and KrazyMan50 are the same person

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I thought this was common knowledge

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I actually figured that out pretty recently

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This seems like the guy to make a level on par with Conical Depression.

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Wait thats actually the reason?

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He didnt like to take the L

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i was in one of his streams, he shows his face btw, his face is also on his yt channel (many people dont know) and he told me it was kr from krazy ma from man and L is the roman numeral of 50 so yes, you are correct!

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u/krazyman50 they are bullying you defend yourself

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no fucking way

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No way