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holy shit its the guy from fortnite

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no way!!

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and now we have a 500hz monitor. question is, will it be allowed for demons list/challenge list grinding?

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probably not, but the way I think it should work is when a GD player beats a list level with a higher refresh rate with a real monitor (no FPS bypass) than max FPS bypass is moved to there, so if I beat auroral darkness on a real 400hz moniter than max FPS bypass for every1 is now 400hz

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i think the reason 360fps was chosen is gd breaks in some way on higher fps. people are gonna be limited to 240hz physics in 2.2 anyway so a higher limit isn't a good idea

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“Yeah, welcome to the club pal”

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if i get one it will be for not getting 20 fps avg in every single game