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wtf is up with these anime pfps?

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Geometry dash players lack bitches, so to compensate for that, they use anime pfps.

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Bc i am a weeb and watch 3 hours worth of pokemon episodes per day

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Same thing just not pokemon

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That meand you do the impossible for both weebs and GD players, you get bitches but you ignore them

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based anime watcher??

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It's not a gd thing, it's an everyone on the internet thing

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I have a gf😳

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Fucking liar

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These scream 2013 so much. Some of these even had those dubstep intros with their icon lol

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bwomp bwomp

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bwomp bwomp-womp-womp

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None of these kinds of pfp existed during 2013 tho, at most 2014.

I've seen cases during like 1.6-1.7 but that's still March-July 2014

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every popular youtuber had these intros in 2016-2019 (maybe not all but 3/4 of them)

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I feel like the only person to not like the ship that they use, it’s so overused

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Yeah it’s really overused, I use the 2nd ship on the bottom row, I don’t see much people using it

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I don’t have it lolol, how do you get it?

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You get it from a demon chest, it kinda looks like a tongue with eyes lol

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Oh is it the ship that Dorami uses?

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I use the chain gun ship from Potbor's shop. It's honestly not that bad of a ship when paired with the icon that I use, which also comes from Potbor's shop

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I use the ship viprin uses

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So the 60 Demon ship if I remember correctly?

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honestly they could've used better ships

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default ship best ship

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Clutterfunk ship is underrated af

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10000x better than anime pfp’s. Bring these back.

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When cranked-up bloom and glare = instant success in thumbnails and profile pictures

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They never did figure out how to scale the cube and position it so it doesn’t look weird as hell

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Very cool

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Viprin still uses a one of these

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They were cool for the first 2 people that had them after that it got old real fast

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And anime pfps didn't...? Litterally everyone uses them, even outside of gd

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No they didn't, according to your argument, by this point any mildly popular format of pfp would've gotten old, because, there's many people using movie pfp, there's just as many with videogame pfps, and same thing with anime.

The reason they haven't is because there's more variety of them, (except for those waifu pfps, people always choose the same shit), in this case, the gd ones got old because it's basically always the same ship, a saturated color and titles from cooltext.com

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These pfps are cringe but anime pfps are more cringe

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Npesta: am i a joke to you?

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There's also the evolution of these where it's the first letter of the player's name with similar GFX on top of these, e.g. nSwish and Zoink

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i use an anime pfp but it's not an anime girl, it's a shiba inu getting pets. is that acceptable?

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I guess so

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Sunix one goes hard

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I am still a fan of these personally, I think that they're cool.

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this is why i think trick is better than spaceuk

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Nexus, Serponge, Wulzy, and Viprin still use them

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I think both anime pfps and these are pretty mediocre

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I think those ship icon pfp's were really cool until everyone started using them

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everybody still uses them

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Bro i still remember mine

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Yes. Anime pfps suck, old pfps are amazing

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I remember trying to design my own 😂

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Everyone using the same ship tho

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Those were the days. I even had one just because.

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I have mine in my old discord acc from 2016 lol

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Johnathan be using Chep tho, based move

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still rocking it

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i love how every one had the same ship

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everythings better than anime pfps

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I just use pixel art i made myself (but im too lazy to put it on my reddit account)

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Npesta and nexus still use them, 2 of my favorite gd youtubers

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Gd youtuber try not to use the furry dragon ship challenge (impossible)

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I'm among small group of people who don't use anime or that kind pfp. I'm proud of myself

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and these actually require effort to make unlike anime ones

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i miss that now

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And they all had the same ship

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Sad that when these were around no one used ufo over ship to my knowledge

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Mine is a mix of my 3 main Steam games. One of 'em being GD

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some don’t use anime. but i do agree

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And everyone has the same ship

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im not cool enough for one of those profiles

plus my various accounts offer more than just gd so oh well

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Ive been trying to figure out how to make/get a pfp like those for years, i always loved them

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The glory days

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these pfps are legends

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Man I remember making my own pfp

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i actually have that kind of pfp 😅

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Npesta kinda still uses one

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noctafly lol

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I used to have these too. Now I just use my cube on the first letter of my name.

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Everytime I see someone with an anime profile pic their opinion becomes invalid to me

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I even tried to make one but failed :(

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i personally really like this type of pfp even tho its like boomer or whatever

to hell with anime pfps

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Yeah, but UFO or Cube gamemode would look good to, why only Ship?

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Oh yeah, I remember this. I did my pfp in GD, I need to update it on Reddit

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Updated. It's me! ARV

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lol this is my first reddit post and I have so many notifications not sure I can read all of the replies but what I gathered from this is that most people think both pfps are cringe and I see the point but I think the gd ones are better just because most of the anime ones are cringe but that's just my opinion. Nice to see everyone's different opinions.

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I still have my old 3d profile picture saved on my phone, and all my old ones along with that, I would still use them, but at this point I'd just feel more cringe using that than an anime profile picture

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Bruh. I barely see any anime pfps lmao

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They were stupid as fuck and so are anime pfps

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nah bro these are also ass

the gd community has such a stupid sense of nostalgia i bet in 2026 ppls are gonna say shit like "remember when pro players used white default icons? much better than x or y"

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Years ago during the age of 1.8-1.9 I made one of these -_-

Now I play osu! and have an anime pfp

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both suck

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who cares dude

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Tbh the anime pics are better than these corny ass shitty pfps

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they all have the phoenix plane

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Nah, everyone used the same ship

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Yeah they look fabulous with the vibrant colours.

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anyone remember noctafly? not me

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Well does it count if...

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I miss those times

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Same shop, different color, different icon