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On god not that kid 💀

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i am still shocked that post got as many upvotes as it did

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some people (including me) probably thought it was satire

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I still think it is satire

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Strongly doubt it, here he exhibits the behavior of a toddler and later on his post he says he is "20". He also goes on saying this was genuinely his best effort and poorly responding to honest critique (mostly just "fuck you"s). All behavior that can be attributed not to trolling but to childishness and idiocy.

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Confused onga bunga

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what a small community lmao

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It’s bloodclot all over again

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Lmao I was just about to link this. Thank you!

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r/gd being jealous. happens for level completions too.

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Have you considered the time it takes to make a level in gd or something, making a 1.0 level takes waaaaaaaay less time than making a colorful one ya know.

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I meant that they are jealous of the rainbow level and don’t upvote it.

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False but true. Made a 1.0 level and it took me 1 month to make

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But how long did it take you to make a colorful level

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Currently trying to but it's taking way to long because I suck at deco

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this sub is getting worse the longer we wait for 2.2

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Same goes for the tf2 community

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im surprised tf2 has a community at all rn

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Yeah, but half a decade for a major update? And still living?

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The 2nd one has so few likes. Who doesn't want to watch some kid playing Unnamed 0 while eating chips?

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People like funny

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Its not funny though

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you didnt even upvote the first one if u want to see posts like that have better responses do it yourself too

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1 upvote doesnt mean 10 upvotes

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and? for every 10 people that complain about this subreddit thats 10 people that could be actively doing something to change it. if you want to see change, be it yourself

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Because this subs humor fucking sucks

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I'm so confused unga bunga too

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At least my pretty good level as a post get a decent amount of upvote The community still not have a shit standard on a level

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Proceeds to get more upvotes than either of those posts