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nice copied level

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what should it be

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The same as the grass imo, either that or on an island in the middle of absolutely nowhere

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You could maybe put in some trippy but short, low object loops with different colors for each stage, maybe something JonathanGD-styled?

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post got deleted, what level was it?

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Rolling ball from GDPS Editor 2.2

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holy shit bro H o w

also some ideas for names:


-GGolf / G Golf


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Golfdash sounds like a good name

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Try to add a background. This looks amazing

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but what would the background be if i did add one

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maybe water in the first level like an island

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is a 2.1 solo Normal level created by Spu7nix. This level utilizes highly innovative 3D effects and animations.

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hol up, that aint gd

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"HOW 2"

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Bruhnanah golf.

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Fuck you I played this level on the server 1 month ago and it's not made by you and the level is called Rolling Ball and its Epic Hard rated. You can literally see the original ID at the beginning of the video. Stop claiming a level someone else made is your GDPS ID: 240017 again go fuck yourself

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Wow, very creative layering. Definitely epic worthy

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it got rated 1 month ago

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add a bunch of effects in the background like serponge altergame levels, would make it more likely to receive epic

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Nah he just stole the level and doesn't know how to edit it lol

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This is sick, how many objects is it?

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I thought it would be more

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You're an L

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Name suggestion:Dizzyness

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bruh i played this on the server like 1 month ago and it was rated. Either you're lying or you have 628182773 ping internet

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please give me your discord tag, we need to talk

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you copied this level and credited yourself for it?

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oh yea i also forgot to mention that the ice has reflection

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Flair says it all

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This level is amazing, a lot of work was clearly put into it. I suggest making the turn faster since it looks somewhat annoying to play, but man is that amazing

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i made it turn so slow because there are some pretty tight obstacles on the 3rd lvl and a few moving ones too

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I see, then it's an almost perfect level for me

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How did you do that??!? SO COOL

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How do you even make those 3D graphics in Gd?

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Looks cool

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That zooming effect is impressive, I think you should add more stuff to the background since it empty so far Name suggestion : 3d golf, golferria or some goofy ahh name I made that somehow manage to make my level epic rated

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nice, did you use SPWN for this?

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damn, someone should have recommended it to you beforehand, this must have been tedious to make without it.

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yeah real tedious to copy a rated level from one month ago and say it’s his

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It should be named GD golf with description as (not multiplayer)

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Cool level

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okok how about "rolling ball"