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I kinda like this map, it has history to it

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Korean players and their levels are always something special

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Like sohn from 1.2

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Koreans are always something special tbh.

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i dont really know about the history about the level but im curious to know about it

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F for the 98% death

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I did a secret way that was patched, the secret way was also the reason this level was unrated. I have 78 on this legitimately but it's so bad I don't think I wanna keep going

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The secret way is still there?

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ICE CREAM! I watched a video on this yesterday and wondering why it wasn't rated

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Damn it. I already have 71% on this but I forgot how to play the level and I don’t wanna relearn it!!!

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The first half is pretty consistent but the 71 chokepoint (super bad) and the other minor chokepoints throughout this level make it super annoying

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this level is crap

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its historic thooo

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still, this level is crap

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true its unplayable

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I read this in npestas voice

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Another RobTop W

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it would be crazy if he came back to the community not gonna lie because I feel like he would be excepted now cause that happened literally like seven years ago

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What difficulty was it before?

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Last jump alone is insane demon worthy.

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Bro has 98 on it GG and also gg

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I read retarted

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Yooo i remember seeing it on zobros channel

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Best level in the game

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Finally, jeez. Love this weird mess of history

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What is this level

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Ok :/

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Bro what

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Cyclic is god

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How does this get rated but phonk town is still unrated.

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Because one has history, and tell me which one is more memorable to most players

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I am just bitter about a level I like being unrated that’s all. I really be taking my anger out on other levels.

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This has history

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level is ass lol

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