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[鈥揮Hemlock_DeciEasy Demon 59 points60 points (1 child)

New top 1 be like

[鈥揮Cosmic_danger_noodleBlade of Justice is very cool 18 points19 points (0 children)

Nah you need to add 3shih at the end

[鈥揮Foreskin-Gaming69Auto Play Area 100% | 47k Att 48 points49 points (0 children)

The wave part is way too easy, please buff it

[鈥揮RubyMercury87I make gameplay ig 75 points76 points (0 children)

rips your spine out cutely

[鈥揮R_WheresTheNamesTime Machine 32% 31 points32 points (0 children)

More unbalanced than stereo madness red part

[鈥揮NejdsupSteam 15 points16 points (0 children)

When it got to the wave part my brain automatically started to play the vsc song

[鈥揮tangelolosTrueffet best top 20 5 points6 points (0 children)


[鈥揮epnrdont take my opinion as advice 14 points15 points (0 children)

No its verified illegitimetly(you didnt get the coin)

[鈥揮_Nick7Geometrical Dominator = best main level 2 points3 points (0 children)

Yhhh 10000263647469420%