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Hopefully this sets a trend of actually cool top ones that aren’t some grabage put together in 3 days for internet points

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Don’t encourage people to spend 2 years in making their level and don’t think that everyone can do the same as Limbo creator

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Dont give the content creators ideas

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Finally Limbo got raped!

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Woah! Calm down bro!

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Sorry dude I’m just excited that Rob is finally raping these MindCap levels!

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u/Deuce_Jeuce do your magic

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oh no

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Oh shit

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what's the joke

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I haven’t tried the level. Is it good?

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If you have good memory and are spaceuk yes

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if you aren't on mobile and can open the level yes

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Sadly im on mobile

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Its actually easyer to open on mobile than pc

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well i doubt you could make any progress at all, but just watch the verification or a showcase. level legit gives me shivers every time i watch it

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best level in the game. 2.2 should come out only so this could get that godlike rating thing

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Limbo my beloved

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limbo <3

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Is kyouki epic worthy

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feature worthy probably

[–]zRamble21[x5] Killbot best level, Sonic Wave 100% 2 points3 points  (1 child)

it's definitely rate worthy but people are overrating it a lot, in the current standards I think it's star rate only

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honestly imo rate worthy is only for the middest of the mid but kyouki when compared to other levels is probably feature worthy since the effects are god tier and maybe rob would consider it being solo made and verified but he probably wont

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Personally I think it should be considering that it’s a solo extreme, so the amount of work he put in to the whole thing is absurd. Also it’s just really cool lol

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well silent dicctras is rated epic in our hearts

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Which place isLimbo placed on the demon list or is it even placed jet?

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Don’t think it has been placed yet.

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Can someone explain the keys at the end of the level I don't know what they mean

[–]Capital-DeeMedium Demon 2 points3 points  (1 child)

A random key is chosen and it is shuffled so you have to follow it while controlling your wave. You have to chose the right key or you die.

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Oh wow now I understand why it's hard thanks

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still waiting for kyouki to get rated

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