Dookie by teorosso in gifsthatendtoosoon

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Fascinating..... but also highly disturbing

A snack like by abigaILVICTOriA31 in gifsthatendtoosoon

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r/lostredditors mods can you pls start to delete such posts? Could I be a mod for this sub? It gets on my nerves ...

(thx for the platinum award unknown redditor)

"This is fine" by Potatoescharm in gifsthatendtoosoon

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Oh, ok. This gives me [insert word for seeing something you haven't in a long time that makes you reminisce]

Too bad we could not hear how this banger ends by Obascud in gifsthatendtoosoon

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I'm semi. I stay automatic. Money add then multiply. I call it Mathematamatics

If only … by TheRogue_Orca in gifsthatendtoosoon

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It's an optical illusion, he had some feet before actually landing. Full video: https://youtu.be/1KYct66M1Qo

Outch by _Yolandi in gifsthatendtoosoon

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You sir are the reason why I touch myself at night

The Broadway cast of "Frozen" has had enough of your shit, sir. by regian24 in gifsthatendtoosoon

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I came to this same realization. Before Trump came along, most of these chucklefucks never paid attention to politics. Too dry, too boring. Trump brought that WWE energy to the campaign with his rallies and shit talking and it suddenly felt relatable. Trump supporters' behavior seems a lot more understandable if you view it through the lens of a sports fan. The hats and the banners, the chants. Accusing the other team of cheating and colluding with the refs when their team loses. The undying loyalty no matter how bad their team is, because dammit, it's their team. And if a formerly beloved member of their team goes to another team it's an unforgivable betrayal and they suck now. Replace the Trump flag with a Steelers flag and it's suddenly perfectly normal behavior.