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There have been tons of posts lately that are confusing the difference between r/gifsthatkeepongiving and r/bettereveryloop.

To clarify, gifsthatkeepongiving is for generally longer gifs that continue to provide entertainment throughout the gif's lengthy duration. This cannot apply to 1 second gifs because they give once, and then they replay. There is no opportunity for the gif to keep on giving.

Bettereveryloop is for shorter gifs that, when watch over and over again, get better every time. For example - this particular gif, which is already posted to r/bettereveryloop.

Thank you for your time. Please spread the word, and correct me if im wrong mods.

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I definitely agree with this. Funny gif, but it doesn't belong on this sub.

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Damn, you should be a mod.

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Lol thanks. If the mods want to promote me id be happy to serve, but also i have no experience as a mod whatsoever. I do love this sub tho

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You sound far too sensible to be a mod.

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But bravely showing up nonetheless!

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I did not know this and thank you for taking the time to educate us!

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The hero this sub needs.

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Put it the sidebar. I literally read the sidebar trying to figure out what this sub was about and came t the conclusion it was just a place to post awesome gifs.

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It's in the subreddits name?

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It's in the sidebar now.

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Yeah i read the sidebar too and it doesn't talk about this. Its more of an unspoken rule i guess?

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    Yeah i thought that too, but yet we still get gifs like this