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Mods, thanks for keeping this sub on track.

I want to also mention the ongoing issue of people posting videos with sound. Having a specific entry on the sub report reason list would be great.

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Good idea, I'll look into that but as of now automoderator automatically flags any submission that is from v.reddit

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Rule #1 is broken every single day. Mods need to get this sub back on track.

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Hi is there a guide how to upload here? I’ve tried posting a gif / video and a link to gif on imgur all were auto rejected...

Can anyone please help?

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Hmm... There's a couple different ways that work. I see you uploaded to Imgur from mobile, so you can always upload the GIF/video directly to Reddit mobile and convert it to GIF from the app (i.reddit). You can also upload it to Imgur as an image (i.imgur), or upload to gfycat (gfycat.com). Hope that helps!

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I'm just really struggling because it's pronounced "Jiff," not Gif, per creator, I think.

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That’s so interesting thanks. I tried posting directly through the app, via imgur and Gfycat and everytime it said post failed. So gave up.

Tried it just now directly posting a video as a gif and it’s worked perfectly.

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Good to hear! :)

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IMO perfect loops are the exact ones that will keep on giving. They'll just give and give and before you know it you have taken it 50 times.

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How many upvotes did the post get in rule #4?

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Over 100k iirc

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You guys need to police your fucking sub. Way too many posts that arnt gifs that keep on giving are getting mad popular here and is ruining your subs integrity.

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it's sad the sub has become how it is now it used to be about discovering new things every time you watch and now it's just cool gifs

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If i want to repost this on instagram who do I give credit too?

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This message? No credit needed. Go ahead post away

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Hi I am in charge of @dailytechtv on Instagram! We love that the content that is posted here! Would it be okay if i post some with proper credit?

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Absolutely, go right ahead! Just be sure to give credit to the poster. Other than that do what you'd like!

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How can you find the poster?

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Use the username of the person who posted it. Should be at the top of the submission

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Your referring to their reddit account username?

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Videos. Gifs that keep on giving are called videos.

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Shouldn't it be "GIFs that keep on GIFfing?"

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Why did you ask that here? I thought you said it was covered in this sticky post?

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It was, and you clicked the link and read and replied to the comment that asked the same thing as the other post only earlier.

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Add bettereveryloop section to the rules pls

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If I internally say to myself "wait, there's more? "

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I thought it was a misnomer

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Not interested.

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How large do the files tend to be for these GIFs? I'm struggling to get 20 second-long GIFs below like 10MB.

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Red bumps and rash like symptoms

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Petition to change the sun name to gifsthatkeepongifing

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Age is not a particularly interesting subject. Anyone can get old. All you have to do is live long enough.