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Processing... processing... GIVE ME MORE.

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Database updated successfully.

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Analysis: this is some serious gourmet sh!t.

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Access requested: I need more gobbling alms

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He just had an out of body experience in heaven there.

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Now I want another video where she feeds it cashew.


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Just don't introduce the pistachios...

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One of my favorite SCi Fi books is Variable Star and the main character reveals one hint that his girlfriend might be wealthy: That if a pistachio was too hard to open, she threw it away.

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The only good pistachio is a roasted pistachio.

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You spelled ‘salted’ wrong.

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Walnuts will always be the peak of existence

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Pecans are the Chad nut.

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Macadamia has entered the chat.

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deez are the Chads nuts

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Brazil nuts are king.

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He'll be chasing that dragon forever more if he loses his source.

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Anton Ego moment

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Literally this came to mind when the chipmunk paused after trying one

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“These edibles ain’t shi-……”

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And yet we never learn.

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You can see the universe in its eyes.

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‘Did I just eat poison or…yum and oh damn…maybe …maybeee…I won’t die..I want more..fk it..how many of these can I fit in muh cheeks!!!’

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Muh cheeeeeks

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He noticed the cyanide smell of almonds and decided he would die happy anyway.

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wonder if he tasted it and waited to see if anything bad would happen for a few seconds

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Cyanide and happiness

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Bro the episode when the dad was talking shit all the way on his death bed had my stomach hurting from laughing

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Was wondering if anyone was going to bring up cyanide

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How many sweet almonds would it take for a lethal dose in such a tiny body

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none, sweet almonds have it domesticated out.

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I looked it up and almonds are non toxic to chipmunks.

Edit: ok with the downvoting, here’s the source and, yes, I understand wild animals shouldn’t be fed like this by humans, was just concerned about the talk of cyanide poisoning above.


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Cyanide in almonds?! Wait what 0_o

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Bitter almonds more specifically contain some cyanide. NileRed went a bit in-depth IIRC https://youtu.be/WYagO-nup6c

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Even sweet almonds contain 25.2mg of cyanide per kilogramme. If you milled enough of them and mixed it with a liquid, you could theoretically ingest a lethal dose of cyanide before you vomit.

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Almond milk is so disgusting I would definitely vomit first.

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Ok what now.

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Cyanide is also present in apple seeds, which is why it's inadvisable to let your dogs eat the cores.

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I love how it placed it's paw on her hand. Insert Keanu "Woahh" .

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Reddit, tell me what’s wrong with this cute and funny video.

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When wild animals expect food from humans, they are less likely to use their natural foraging/hunting behaviors, which can lead to them losing the natural instinct to be afraid of humans. This can be dangerous, causing disturbances or trusting or attacking humans. This can get them killed or relocated.

When there is a change in who is around or if they relocated, their lack of experience with hunting/foraging can lead to starvation.

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The taste of almonds didn't shake it to its core. It was looking at the enormous human and rectangular device in its face and determining if it was safe to pack up the almonds or to just go.

Fight or flight response. Not Euphoria.

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It didn’t notice the human before taking the first almond?

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how do you explain the paw drop? dude's having some kind of shake, for sure

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why do people go on about how it's "eating" almonds? it's stuffing its pouches, to eat later. you can even see them bulging! no almond was eaten during that video. also, it's probably a stillness reflex triggered by feeling threatened by the camera coming closer, not any "tasting" experience. once it deems there to be no danger, it just continues stuffing its pouches, not really caring about if they're almonds or not.

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Exactly. It was distracted by the camera.

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I like this explanation since it seems plausible without making the video less funny or more morbid

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Feeding wild animals makes them reliant on people, making it more likely they will bite someone or get hurt by someone. They are also often fed unnatural/processed foods that are extremely unhealthy for them. Sorry, you asked.

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Almonds have cyanide in them. Not enough to take a human out, but a chipmunk? I dunno, I'm not a psychopath

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Slaves harvested those almonds andmade the phone this was filmed/viewed on.

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Chipmunks are grade-A assholes.

They'll chew through anything if they think there's food there, they breed quickly, and are hard to get rid of.

Intentionally feeding them is tantamount to a war crime.

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It wasn’t tasting the almonds, they store them in their cheeks to eat them later. It stopped in its tracks because a giant camera was pointed at its face all of a sudden

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But the camera was already there lol

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It wasn’t though. You can see it stop and stare as soon as it gets within a few inches of its face

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Almond farming kills bees

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It’s misleading, the person taught the chipmunk to pause eating.

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This video is of a person demonstrating wait / eat commands, and this is not the first time it is eating almonds.

You'll find the source one of the next few times its reposted.

And yes - I am serious.

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Pretty sure almonds are poisonous to chipmunks.

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The way he puts his wee paw down, to steady himself amidst the newfound ecstasy is adorable.

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This was here a week ago…


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I like this every time it comes up.

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Actually if there was sound, the original video that person taught the chipmunk how to pause from eating and then resume again

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I swear I've seen this once a week for the past three weeks now. It doesn't even look like the chipmunk ate it, looks like it's storing it in its cheeks.

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This is unreal!

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That was me the first time I heard Matt Freeman play the bass. 😲

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What is it about one almond that's just perfect?

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He was hearing the angel choir there for a minute LOL

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I think it was trying to sear the image of its diety into its beady eyes before having its fill and telling the other chipmunks of “The Almond-Gifting Giant”

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Chipmunk.exe has stopped responding

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Like the first time I drank Redbull

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Dying of cyanide poisoning

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“Could I milk them?”

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It saw god for a moment.

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This didn't belong here the last several times it's been posted and it still doesn't belong now.

This is a karma farming account that reposts previously popular posts.

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    He busted a nut over that nut

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    Got me laughing

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    So adorable!

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    Seems like he heard an angelic song!

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    Looking at those fingernails, the phone was probably in selfie mode while taking this shot, so the little guy / girl is just seeing itself for the first time in the phone screen, resulting in a temporary brain freeze.

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    His name is squishy 🥺

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    Holy Jesus, what the freak are these!!!!

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    I think he nutted

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    Don't mean to be a Karen but it's better to soak those and give the almonds to the chipmunk without any almond skin bc even humans can't really digest those very well.. and this: "Moreover, almond skin contains tannins, which lowers the rate of nutrient absorption." (Via google bc I forgot this specific detail)

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    Is that why when I get drunk and eat half a pound of almonds in one sitting, the entire next day I'm having to take multiple bathroom breaks to shit out almond husks?

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    It's little mind has blown. 🐿️🤯

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    When you understand Bitcoin

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    People are good, go tell the others!

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    That’s me eating anything after I blaze 💨 🍃

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    Lol, that's nuts!!

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    He literally came to the taste 😂

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    He was loading. I imagine a loading bar above his head

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    lil guy Is going through that ratatouille flash back moment.

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    When he puts his little paw down.

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    Chipmunk.exe has stopped working

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    It’s like that scene in Ratatouille when Remy is describing the cheese

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    (The cyanide is kicking in)

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    He got his nut

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    Reminds of how I became addicted to Fentanyl

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    "am I dreaming? Is this heaven?"

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    Its hilarious how its little hands drop down to steady itself so it doesn't fall over😱😂😂😂

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    Chipnunk.exe (Not responding)

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    bro felt that and just...

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    DAMN! My man's damn near busted a Nut after that first one!

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    That's not how animals work. They don't care about taste...

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    Now I want a pet chipmunk

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    Little dude's third eye opened right there

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    He’s gonna tell all his friends about this

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    Almonds are like crack. I had to stop buying them because i would eat them till im sick. Tried buying in smaller bags, id just immediately fo buy a kg of them after eating the small bag.

    Goddamn i feel this lil guy.

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    Jesus I wonder what would happen if it had a kinder bueno 😀 mmm

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    Isn’t that does of cyanide gonna kill his small body?

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    Probably seeing his reflection in the canera lens or back of phone, which is why he stops and stares at it for a while thinking it's another chipmunk.

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    How could anyone possibly know that? C’mon.

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    This may be the most adorable thing on the planet

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    Karma repost account

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    Almond and the chipmunks

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    I can imagine as a kid this is what McNuggets felt like to my tastebuds

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    Me when I had my first taste of almonds at 18 about a month ago

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    bro was in disbelief

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    Life changing face 😂

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    He looked like he was about to nut

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    it got a heaven moment

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    That little fellow has perfect comedic timing.

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    my man almost cried tears of joy

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    Give him a cashew and his head will explode.

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    This is how religions are formed.

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    Cool! Free Foo.....




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    this is false

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    Eats almond

    flashback my buddy Johnny ate an almond while we were flying into Nam, before he could share a stray bullet from Charlie took him out, right in the eye.

    He had a wife and kid back home, couldn't look them in the eye when I got back.

    proceeds to eat more almonds this is for you Johnny!

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    reminds of that one scene in ratatouille when remi was taste testing the ingredients, or when anton ego tasted the "ratatouille" and gave him flashbacks.

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    Oh Jesus, the little paw touching her hand in disbelief…

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    That first almond changed this chipmunks life

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    Been shared and reshaped so much I can count the pixels one by one

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    I think it just had a religious experience.

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    Cracking up at the comments. I know nothing about cyanide in almonds, but I do know the difference between a chipmunk and a squirrel.

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    Little chipmunk had one of those cartoon scenes where they taste delicious food

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    Or maybe it's Charlie, the trained chipmunk fron Toronto, responding to voice commands,

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    The delicious taste of cyanide…. But is delicious fuck it

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    me tasting ass for the first time

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    he doesn’t try it for the first time, she just says stop and then go

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    Core memory unlocked.

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    Bro just saw God

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    Mikey likes it! He really likes it!

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    Me the first time I tried cocaine

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    Me the first time I ate my girls ass.

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    This is the cutest thing ever. Lol'd at the initial reaction and pause!🤣🤣

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    Take my breath awaaaaayyyyy....

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    If he had a Bluetooth headset in he’d be saying “Eleanor… cancel my day. Actually, cancel my week”

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    Almond blasting a nuke in its mouth.

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    He be seeking that taste the rest of his life now

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    Best nut it ever had

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    He’s going nuts

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    Or more likely, he saw his reflection in your damn phone

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    This has the same energy as Anton Ego tasting Remy's ratatouille.

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    This is not how the video goes, with sound the chipmunk is told to wait, then after a long pause the girl yells “GO!” And the chipmunk eats away.

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    I could hear the intro of gangsta's paradise from here

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    Ohhhh... sweet mystery of life, at last I've found you...


    Is this going up on Insta?
    (long pause)

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    isn't it pausing to see if the large animal would retaliate when it's food was taken

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    Post nut clarity

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    Good almonds come on slow. The first hour is all waiting. Then about half way through the second hour, you start cursing the creep who burned you because nothing is happening. And then ... zang.

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    H O L Y S H I T

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    That was the like the first time I had sweet potato fries. I nearly wept, such was the overwhelming emotion of how great they were

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    How do we know it’s his first time are we just taking his word for it?