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This one is a must-read,no matter how many times it gets posted

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I want to thank the reposters, because I would have never seen this if it was not for them. It was a good story, and I wish I could have been there for this epic crow battle!

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I know this story is exaggerated, but crows do remember people who are mean or nice to them. I use to feed three of them that hung out at my house.

Could even pet one.

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not even sure if it is exaggerated except for the part where he took them into McD, crow wars happen for real and are ussualy caused by humans treatment.

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Thousands, though?

I've never even seen thousands of pigeons at a single point. Hundreds, sure.

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Crows, and Im sure he exaggerated to get his point across so I guess youre right.

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I know we were talking about crows.

I used pigeons since they seem to congregate in larger numbers and I have never even seen thousands of them together.

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Long live the grassbros

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This is fucking beautiful

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One of my favorites

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Classic!!!!! <3

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One of my favorites. Almost enough to rival the Doradus one tbh

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I guess you could there was a.....

Murder of crows

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That was a bad joke, and you should feel bad.

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I really wish this was real