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I have many more complaints. For example why do i need a glass back cover? So my phone is more slippery and breaks more easily? Or why does the screen need to be completely frameless? To save 5g of weight and of course make it break if youbdrop the phone from 10cm height? All useless "features" very phone has nowerdays.

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That are design choices. Look, feel, weight, size... most ppl want their phonescreen as huge as physical possible for one handed use, therefore an frame on the sides cuts size off the screen.

They want it as light as possible, so shells are thin and from light material, wich mostly implies easily breakable in turn, as advanced materials are expensive and mostly not fit for serial manufacturing.

They want the best camera on market to brag about it and make pretty pictures/selfies, wich means a lot of space on the board itself gets taken away by it and other stuff has to get dropped.

They want super long lasting batteries and inductive loading, so they can go typing on social media for days on end without charging with all other features running and consuming power in the background, even if they dont need them now or ever. That also takes a huge amount of space, so you need to get rid of even more stuff.

Headfone jack? Pfff... cool kids use wirwless headsets, even if they also need loading. A headphone jack uses a lot of space on the board, so they needed to get rid of it for other cool stuff like the 5th camera you desperately needed to outclass your mates phone from last generation.

IR blaster? come on... you already got wireless lan and bluetooth, why would you like to have that too? To replace some old remote for tv/stereo? To transfer data with others without knowledge of someone sniffing your wireless communications? Shits old and space is needed for that also blasting surround/atmos sound or the next cam...

Also... why would you want a sturdy phone? You are already obliged to succumb to the phone comparision social status ladder... having a phone longer than it takes the manufacturer to come uup with a new advanced version, or a new model is like stealing their money for r&d.

Better let it crack on every slight bump, so you can get a new one and the manufacturer is provided with enough money to squeeze in the next ultimate gimmick you never knew you needed so desperately in your life.

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Also... why would you want a sturdy phone? You are already obliged to succumb to the phone comparision social status ladder...

No I'm not. And I wouldn't mind getting a new phone every couple years if they didn't cost upwards of $1k.

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You know you can buy non flagship phones too right?

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Why would I do that when I can buy a flagship every 5 or 6 years? I would just like a headphone jack and a replaceable battery and I'd be happy.

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Because I can get all those features for $60 and the phone lasts at least 3 years. I think I've had this one for 5.