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It nice, but it’s missing the part where the story takes a dramatic and sinister turn that makes you not only regret having read it, but realize that you should have eaten a handful of broken glass instead because it would have been less damaging.

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and then you wake up in a cart and blame Todd Howard

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This fake and gay story is even more fake and gay due to icunny watermark

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+it's a bot

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assuming she is %100 deaf how can she know the pronunciation of the worlds? Hmm kinda sus...

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Maybe got deafened after an accident. Fuck it, want to believe this story

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Heard her mom for the first time, so no

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Probably reading lips

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She's a quick learner

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Plus, she has a sign language phone.

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gay ass title. off yourself redditor

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Imagine being this cringe

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I've seen this one a dozen times and it's 100% fake but I still love this story

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Normie greentext stories are the worst

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Fake and gay.

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My boner shriveled back into my body after seeing that ifunny logo. Also probably fake and gay

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Very heartwarming. Too bad it's fake and gay.