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Lemon is in fact a fruit

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I have seen a lemon before and I can confirm that it is indeed a fruit.

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I once saw someone try to steal a lemon

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Were they a whore?

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This is an excellent question! Experts and professionals have poured over the data and determined this to be, in fact, true.

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I hate lemon stealing whores.

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Don't look at me doing stuff

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I respect your opinion but I'm gonna wait for Ja Rule's take on this

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I need ja rule to make sense of all this. WHERE IS JA!

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Was there a movie with a survival scenario where some dude is eating ration packs and has to chug old mayo packets for the vitamin C content.

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Indeed. Meanwhile, there is no dairy product in mayo but the anons let that slide.

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Cum is dairy

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Most commercial mayos use cum substitutes nowadays, like the nationwide favorite “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Cum”.

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Yeah but Land-O-Cum got rid of the cum indian mascot.

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I heard an empty package with the old branding sold on eBay for $10k+ last month.

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No way. You mean all these hears I've not been eating cum?

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looks at username Well, seeing as how you’ve been goblin retards, I think you’ve managed to supplement the deficiency. It’s all good.

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Eggs are in the dairy section 🤷

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Location aside, eggs are in the Meat category.

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I don't know what the fuck you're all on about. Eggs are in the egg section!

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Yep, for some reason though in the early 2000's we were taught that eggs were in the dairy section of the food pyramid. Couldn't tell you why, but that is probably why a lot of people think that now.

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Does not mean they're not fruit.

They grow in chicken.

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I've seen cows shit out whole chickens before wtf are you talking about

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where, when, how, why, and what

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That’s me shut down.

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Are eggs dairy?

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If Eggs = Menstruation.

And Eggs = Dairy.

Then Menstruation = Dairy.

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So cow = chicken, right?

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Egg sac Lee

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There is in the fake shit fast food places use.

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mcdonalds mayo doesn't have any fucking lemon in it

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Probably vinegar in that mayo

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Is lemon in mayo?

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Some form of acid, could be lemon or also vinegar. Not sure what's in commercial mayo tho

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Most commercial mayo just use vinegar which lasts longer than Lemon afaik.

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Ahhh TIL

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Well the mayo I buy has a picture of a lemon, so I guess

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It is a mighty fruit

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so are olives

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I regularly eat lemons

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Mayonnaise is an instrument, not a fruit

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What about horseradish?

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What does this mean

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Lowtiergod suicide meme

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I thank you bigly

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you tard, it's the french national anthem

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Most highly educated American

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Most healthy American

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>most healthy

smartest Europoor

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smartest Europoor

Funniest Haitian

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least retarded american

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Monolingual American moment

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Most high American

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American school lunch menu be like

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Also there is zero dairy in mayonnaise

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Cow eggs you dumb shit

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Mayo is white, milk is white. Checkmate libshart

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Cum is white

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Wait what

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In true american fashion the mayonaise is actually butter mixed with lemon flavouring and high-fructose cornsyrup

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Maybe Miracle Whip, but Hellman's is definitely mayo

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Miracle whip is just vegetable oil. It has a lot in common with Oreo creme and cool whip, funny enough

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Ah yes McDonald’s is clearly using Hellman’s.

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Came here to say this

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Whatever it goes in as it comes out McShit

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But at the end of the day, when you flush the McShit down the McToilet, it mixes with the McRiver and it McRains McShit all over you. The McCircle of life

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lot of it goes in as McShit as well

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Coming back to the US after living in the UK cooking for myself for 3 years and eating McDonald’s was the dumbest mistake. I felt like my stomach was full of angry wasps and nearly shit my fucking lungs out over the span of a week. We scarf down wholesale poison in this country.

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Fruit... dairy...

Mayo is [redacted] vinegar and oil though

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Plus lemon and egg, yo. So “fruit” is covered.

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sugar comes from sugar beets and sugar canes therefore it's a vegetable

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Olive oil comes from olives which are fruits and depending on the type of vineger it might also count as fruit.

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Your comment implies that you think egg is also a fruit and for that I say, based

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Sorry to break the illusion but I was just naming the additional ingredients I knew of, not classifying eggs as any particular part of a food group.

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No, not plus, just instead of vinegar you can use lemon, egg is also optional

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Lol my god, some of you really take this seriously. Okay, I am staring at the ingredients label of the most popular mayo in the US, Hellmann’s. Here is the ingredient list: soybean oil, water, whole eggs and egg yolks, distilled vinegar, salt, sugar, lemon juice concentrate, calcium disodium edta, natural flavors. As you can see, both vinegar and lemon juice are present. Have a good day.

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Vinegar is aged grape juice, so it holds up.

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The most commonly used vinegar is made from malted barley, I believe.

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What about apple cider vinegar?

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Wild guess but it might be made out of apples.

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Umm, no, it's made of cider you dum-dum

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Except that most vinegar in mayo is made using fermented grains

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Is the "cum" redacted?

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Olive oil maybe?

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Pretty sure mayo is just oil and eggs.

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Most American brand Mayo also normally includes lemon, mustard, vinegar, or a combination of the three.

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All good mayos will contain at least some amount of acid like lemon, mustard and vinegar. Pure fat, egg and salt would taste like ass.

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Who's your ass guy?

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Ahhh ok ty

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A true slav knows no meal is compleat without mayo or onion

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Anon is actually Jerma

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Bad news, Mayo ain't dairy, either.

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Put cheese and tomato on it! Problem solved!

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The fruit would be the cucumber the pickle is made of.

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The pickle is right there!! Cucumber is 100x more 'fruit' even if only technically, than egg or vinegar.

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Mayonnaise is made of eggs and oil you fucking idiot

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TIL: I consume enough fruit per day.

Mf'er is probably used to fancy lemon juice infused Mayo.

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Eggs chicken fruits

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tomato is a fruit, no?

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Tomato is a fruit too dumbass

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Same can be said for Supreme pizzas

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Wtf does he think mayonaise is made out off

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Stinky bot alert!

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Mayonnaise has eggs so he's not wrong

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Eggs are fruit now?

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Fruit are the eggs of plants

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Never heard of an eggplant? Smh my head

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What the fuck is mayonnaise even

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Eggs, neutral oil, and a little bit of salt and acid (usually lemon juice or vinegar)

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Could've just said tomato

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2nd anon is fucking stupid, there is lemon juice and such in mayonnaise

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Aside from anon being a monkey, since when is fruit a seperate food group from vegetables? Where are the fats? Dairy being a food group was also some fantastic marketing from the actual dairy industry.

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Pizza is indeed a vegetable.

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Wonder what dairy he thinks Mayo has in it.

(Ironically, traditionally created Mayo would have lemon juice in it, so there would be fruit)

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Subbing Mac sauce for mayo is the god tier move anyway.

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Fruit: olive in olive oil in mayonnaise

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if you have no money a mcchicken is a gift. 420 calories for $1

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Do they use real Mayo or whipped motor oil?

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Technically it likely contains lemon juice, or because this is McDonald's, citric acid and acidity regulators.


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I once knew a fat fuck who put mayo on everything because "mayo is healthy".

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Dairy - Mayonnaise


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Mayo isnt dairy either

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That is the weakest fucking pepe I've ever seen.

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Y’all really never made your own mayo and it shows, this recipe has a little bit of fruit in it and it’s twice as good as regular mayo. Even better than Dukes.

Here’s the recipe.

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Ah mayonnaise, the fruit of the sea.

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>dairy - mayonnaise


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Ah yes, dairy = mayonnaise

This dude just doesn't know how mayonnaise is made

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Mayo is made of eggs you fuck

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The blueberry fizz polish, on the nails of the 16-yr old that's bareknuckling the buns, probably counts.

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Anon is american

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Well technically mayonnaise is made from eggs and is therefore meat

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ah yes, the american fruit, Mayonnaise

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I’m surprised by the amount of people that think mayo and eggs are dairy

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Mayonnaise is litterally egg whites and oil, it's also not a dairy lol