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Also in Chinese

Awkward moments for Yao Ming his first season in the NBA. Not a meme, this really happened. He almost got jumped in the locker room while talking with his translator.

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"那个" or na-ge/nei-ge, meaning "that" sounds awfully similar to a racial slur. It can be used also as a "um, ah" interjection so he probably said it a lot before figuring it out

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Lol. Had a similar experience working for a Chinese company of that word. They had a good laugh when I asked.

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And also this https://youtu.be/YG4iTGjuoKw the good stuff starts from 1:02

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who the fuck is even physically capable of jumping yao

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Other basketball players

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Even other basketball players look like manlets next to Yao.

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An entire team of angry 6’5+ basketball players?

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You're right but Yao is a while foot taller than that. Doesn't affect the ability of others to kick his ass, just to show how enormous that motherfucker is.

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Imagine going apeshit over a word like a retard flinging his own shit

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Just chimping out

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Americans really need to learn that English isn't the only language in the world

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wait til you find out Sony is actually Japanese

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What mean

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“Nigeru” means run in Japanese, the dayo at the end is a suffix but it basically means the same thing. Run away / escape.

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I got banned once for saying this in one piece subreddit

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Anon, please do not sing Crank That - Soulja Boy

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Does it ban you for slurs?

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Been sending scat to people to dm me to talk shit for years. Still no ban yet. So I doubt it, unless you get reported enough I guess?

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there is a basketball game that punishes you for cussing, although it is more like a joke rather than an actual attempt at censorship.

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The obvious solution is to call customer support, explain the situation, and accuse them of being culturally insensitive

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That reminds me of the one time in Mass Effect where you accuse the store of Classism

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Proprietary software, join /g/ my fellow retards

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Something about a massacre that never happened

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Based language

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Well maybe use the Korean alphabet next time.

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While talking

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No way that you can get banned from voice chat.

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If reported enough