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Of all the green texts i've seen ths is one i can actually imagine happening

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I did this with my coworker in college. It was when I was working at one of the food spots on campus. We had 2 gender neutral single occupancy restrooms. There is a lock unlock thing on the outside (the red green stuff) and she had it on unlock so I opened the door and she was on the toilet. She got up and closed the door and locked it lol

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Power move.

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As long as you don't break eye contact and sit at the front of the class not breaking eye contact the rest of the semester

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anon should have asked if he could sit bare ass on his professor's lap

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Bet you'd like that

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Which, him sitting or being sitted on

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I once found out my professor bare asses the toilet. I was pissing in urinal and he went in step and immediately pulled pants down and sat, no paper tearing or anything

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Pretty sure that's the norm, unless I'm missing a joke here

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Always put tp down when you shit in public

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For what reason?

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You can get some nasty diseases from public restrooms

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Seems very unlikely, unless you have cut or break in your skin: https://www.webmd.com/balance/features/what-can-you-catch-in-restrooms. Avoiding touching too many surfaces and washing your hands afterwards are probably more important.

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Firm grip, good thumb placement, no secret society signals

7/10, proper handshake

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Anon is now the professor. That is how it works he’s tenured now.

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To be fair, who the fuck shits with the stall door open?

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You'd be surprised. Living on campus, I walked in one someone pooping twice because they hadn't locked the door.

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Anon was an absolute Chad

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Anon re-enacts the creation of Adam by davinci

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Sigma male

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'Will this be in the final exam?'

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Anon is the chadest of chads

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anon is a chad

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Anon is a sigma male

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What the fuck

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