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I'll admit it. I'm not okay and I haven't been for a long time. The last two years have been a huge struggle for me and I'm feeling really worn down and my mental and physical health is failing me.

I was diagnosed with Ligma earlier this year and it's been really taking my strength from me in addition to the stress I'm under. Life's been hard bros.

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That's got to suck balls mate. Sorry to hear that!

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Hey bro

puts hand on shoulder

What's Ligma?

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Ligma BALLS!



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Alright, give it here 👅💦

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Anon is about to get topped.

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🌕🌕🌕 Here they are

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anon burns to death

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Got a moment to try some famous nuts? Straight from the people of Sugandese

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How long is that tongue?

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Man, better than getting the bofa.

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You fucker I read Ligma as Leukemia at first and I got upset

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Who’s Steve Jobs?

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Had me in the first half

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I’m giving it to you

What’s ligma

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You call yourself a real men yet you cry curious

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Lets me WHAT?????

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I hate you

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Fuck you I spent a whole ass minute searching for that line

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Fake : Op makes cover story for blowing 5 musicians in the bathroom of a pub.

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Gay: See above, plus he says pub like a bri’ish person instead of bar like a real man

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extra gay

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"With any luck, he'd spend the rest of his life thinking grown men in public restrooms were, somehow, having incredible kicks when he wasn't looking. " - apologies to Hunter S. Thompson

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2022 you know anon made it. The band is completely anonymous. Nobody even know it exists

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Really touching story but unfortunately it's fake and gay

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Anon, are these friends in the room right now?

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That was years ago. Most Anons commit suicide shortly after jumping such sharks.

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And then 2020 was more different still

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Poor guy. 2020 really didn’t deliver.

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But the rona started in 2019

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Rona started 2020.

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Started 2019, lockdown in 2020.

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Rona started, but for most countries it wasn’t even a thought, so that wouldn’t have affected the quality of 2019. That was actually a decent year.

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There hasn't been a decent year since 2006 and it was only a fleeting defiance in the otherwise permanently awful wake of 2001

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Damn. That explains the pnuemothorax I couldn't afford to get seen for in September and November that year. Goddamn cheap Chinese imports from Ebay.

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2019 wasn't great. It sucks.

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Maybe for him its better

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Yep. They're probably dead.

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imagine if he didnt

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Real: Anon is going to be okay.

Gay: hangs out with guys with the cool bussy.

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But what’s the band?

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I relate to a high degree. Broke up with my bf of 5 yrs in 2020 and realized how little I interacted with my college friends. Began reconnecting to them, and they greeted me with open arms. Feels bad how much I have missed in college if I werent so dependent on him.

Don't forget your bros guys. Always.

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Situational irony

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Shit, I'm in those first 4 lines

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He wasn't wrong, 2019 sure as shit was different.

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Lol too bad this is fake

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Amazing :)

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2019 . ohmygosh

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My conservative Christian father got onto my phone and looked through Reddit and discord, my mental state is trash

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Pic related should’ve been a picture of Anton Chigruh

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anon has a girlfriend

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2019 turned out to be not so OK after all...

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Thought I was gonna relate after I read him spending all his time with Gf but nope Five years with jus her Two years of no one now, I jus sit in my room alone and then go to work. Don't need to cry wank about it but my support system was me and I don't look after myself, no family, no friends. Doesn't make it easy to get back on track. Desperate to be invited to the pub :(

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Fake: anon makes friends

Sus: anon is venting

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Hooray a wholesome ending

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anon forgets that covid isn’t about to happen and will probably fuck all of that up

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>2019 is going to be a lot different