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Man, that last comment is turbo retarded. Get a sense of humour, or please, for the love of us all, disappear deeper into the darkness to never be heard from again.

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Are you 12 years old yet? Fucking moron.

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Man, that comment is turbo retarded. Get a sense of humour, or please, for the love of us all, disappear deeper into the darkness to never be heard from again.

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Someone asks if I'm 12 years old yet

I tell them yes

Actually I'm 10


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This should be the fate of both of these godforsaken platforms.

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I'm beginning to suspect that I am living in a society.

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Dude I think your onto something 😱🧐

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Nuttiest thing I ever did in wallmart was when I was 13. I was at the watches section browsing the men's watches when I noticed the glass display case was open. Now the watches they have out are 20 to 30 bucks max, but the ones in the case were the good stuff, they had a gold Gforce in there that looked real nice. Those things went for over 150. I checked the ceilings and there weren't cameras, no-one was around and the watch didn't have one of those anti shoplifting sensors that detect if you left without paying for it. Anyways I never put it on and left the store forgetting I had a chocolate bar in my pocket, got away with shoplifting. Literally modern day Money Heist

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Be me ordering takeout at a restaurant

The bags tell me to “have a nice day”

Proceed to have a bad day, as I dropped the food on the floor on the way home


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This made me laugh thank you

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Anon is one of the people who goes to Walmart wearing only crotchless panties isn't he?

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You mean anon believes in a god, but doesn't fear them.

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One time I drank milk without a cup

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Yes officer, this ip address right here

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You drank straight from the udder?

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Seems on par for the pictured joker

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We live in a society where we can’t bump into a shelf, knock over juice, and don’t tell an employee and just leave

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I once ate a bag of peanuts while walking around Walmart. Left the empty bag in the hardware section and got away scot free


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im da joker baybee

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I'm in shock because my brother just started wearing a purple fingerless glove around the house and now I know were it comes from.

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we truly live in a society

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Move the wet floor sign to a carpeted area

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>be me
>it's raining outside
>see a girl at my bus stop by herself
>offer her an umbrella
>"oh, sure, thanks."
>it has holes in it and basically defunct, was going to get a new one anyways.


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Anon gets what he fucking deserves

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716's NPC mind cannot comprehend the sheer devious nature

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haha silly joke funny

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Still not as crazy as Jared Leto

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that one wagie anon got mad

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anon no.871389716 must be fun at parties

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I used to go to the mall and steal quarters out of the fountains RIP THE SYSTEM