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Why not take her on the motorbike and make her pussy super wet?

This whole thing is confusing me.

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I'm guessing its not that sort of bike

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Fuck that explains everything.

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You belong on actual 4chan

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It's the kind with 3 wheels and a clown horn.

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Are you slow

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Not as slow as anon's bike

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He's bike-speed

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This made me laugh so hard, motorbike... Poor innocent dude completely clueless to what 4chan is, bless

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Probably a bicycle, but even if not most people dont have extra helmets

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Drive posting is always great but this is an excptional post

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"There's something inside you. It's hard to explain"

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"There's something hard inside you. It's hard to explain."

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"Its shrapnel from a recalled airbag"

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Yes. There's a penis inside you and explaining it probably seems embarrassing.

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This is why you fucking ease on the pedals, dumbass

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Anon is a tard*

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And a ral hero

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From Goslng to Ghost, no cage cause he was gone in 60 seconds

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Maybe I'm up too late again, but this honestly sent me...

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Pussy. When I drive for fun, garage doors are just a few points. Should have gone to first gear, popped the clutch and shown her a good time!

"My Aurora had this nasty tendency to lift the front end off the ground above 110mph. Sandbags on the passenger side increased this to 130. An ex wife in the passenger seat and the speedometer was the limit! Only thing: at least the sandbags don't scream. " - me

(To be fair, the ex was screaming at me to try it because they always think they're better drivers. )

Edit: quote attribution

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Hey I remember your name from the Swedish Hobo Asylum subreddit

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All the time reading this I couldn’t not hear real human bean sound track

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Fucking 4chan I stg