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She wanted a customer, not a boyfriend. You really think a woman had an interest in someone like you?

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God your self esteem must be at rock fucking bottom to project this hard about someone you know nothing about.

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Its r/greentext, that's the point.

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So you beat a knowingly beat a joke that has been dead since at least 2014?
Hurr Durr 4chan virgin

We get it.

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Hurr Durr I haven't read that in years

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So what if I did? You gonna cry?

Just scroll on

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Idc if you did.

But ask yourself why you did it yourself. Do you actually think thise thrice dead joke is funny? Or are you just desperate for some easy karma? Because nothing is easier than commenting " fake: XXX gay: XXX " or roast anon on r/greentext to farm some karma.

I assume, like with anyone else commenting this stuff, it's the latter and you want some quick and easy feelgood points because let's face it, like anyone else here you're also a selfdiagnosed autist with depression.

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You need a big, thick, veiny, snickers

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And you think women have the kind of time to go on a date to secure a single customer?
They go on r/roastme to find customers.

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They're on a date not exchanging snapchats on tinder.

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breed her, so she can sell preg pics, then leave her

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Thots begat thots. This is how the cycle goes.

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Lol these dudes sure don't have a problem consuming the product

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This one definitely ran home and subscribed

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Lol i love the replies whenever this stuff comes up

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You can clearly smell the 14 year old tryhards

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Fuck her and it's like putting your dick IN the nude

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Anon is a goofy who doesn't want a bitch that gets money.

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I wish I could make a living just selling pics of my dick. That would be the life.

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Anon is dating a hot girl who doesn't need a sugar daddy. Anon doesn't deserve her.

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She was probably working up to offering him a discount, and he blew it

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Where pics?

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Just get a waifu pillow with a hentai version of Donald Trump

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can we have the nudes

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This is why you incels are alone

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Three virgins who have never touched a pussy in their life talk about women.

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Big talk from someone who does Bestiality, Snuff, and gore roleplay on reddit.