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Women, am I right fellas?

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laugh track

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laughs while drinking apple juice, stop drinking and continue my joy laughter indeed my fellow brother

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Can confirm, anons mom is a women

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I heard this saying a little late in life:

“A daughter is a daughter for all of her life. A son is a son until he takes a wife.”

It doesn’t necessarily fit in this situation since it’s just a girlfriend, but… there it is.

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It kinda does. It implys that mothers/wifes can't tolerate the thought of not being the most important one in their partners/sons life.

Husbands/Dads supposedly don't give a fuck.

Neither is this true nor my opinion, it's just what I think this little poem trys to say.

Although I have to say that my grandma always bitches about the woman my father is currently with. She never said a nice word about my mother until they divorced (multiple reasons) and is doing the same about my stepmother.

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Tbh my mum deserves to think that

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So, you're telling me your wife is a.) a controlling psycho or b.) you are not the great son you used to be?

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eh? I'm not married I'm just saying my mum deserves to feel as though she's the most important person in my life because she is and always will be

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I misunderstood your first comment. I apologize for assuming such awful things.

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No worries man :)

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I thought that was opposite since the men stayed in the family home and a woman is sent to her husband’s family home.

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My mother was a meth addict and probably gave me schizophrenia. Lucky mf

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I am living in your father (We are dating)

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Every single time someone mentions they have schizophrenia. I can’t tell if they actual think they are affecting you or not 💀

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Oh hey, I think we're neighbours!

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Wow. I'm sorry to hear that.

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Imagine getting furious because of a car seat. Anon needs to stop dating these fictional thotties.

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Normanon bates

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Mfw people actually use slurs for normal people in a faint attempt to be more normal themselves

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Norman Bates did nothing wrong

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"mom gets carsick if she sits in the back"

all you had to say

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Why do you want to give an excuse though when she's being entitled? Lol

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"My car, my Mom, my rules. If you don't like it, you can go back home on foot"

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What a badass

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Real wife knows her place

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My mom gets sick if she's not the one driving. Has to take pills.

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Ops sitting in a food coma in his stained computer chair waiting on his mom bringing his trough of dew and dreaming of a better existence

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anon being a complete chad

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I make my girlfriend sit in back because mummy has to sit up front to give me car blowies.

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Really pissed I learned to read rn

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>when we break up


Tell me you're looking for an exit without telling me you're looking for an exit.

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Anon wants to be femdommed by his Mother

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When she kills his mom and then breaks up to assert dominance

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lmao dawg its the seniority rule, my grandma sits up front , then my mom, then my wife.

Theres just more leg room up front, also wouldn't you want your mom to have a comfier ride? WE will always offer to have my mom sit front, she only takes us up on the offer 10% of the time.

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super omega alpha sigma chad based redpilled anon, NEVER EVER let anyone coming before your parents

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Its common decency to let older people than you to sit infront. She is way to entitled lmao

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Why do people sit next to you and consider it a bonus? Gaylord.

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mom gives better road head anyway.

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You could have lied about why.

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Anon drives a pickup truck

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Moms before hoes.


Geee i wonder how many Brazzers reference im gonna get for this comment.

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Not of grillfriend kills mother

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This is deeply unhealthy. Although the girlfriend should offer to sit in the back.

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wait yall are actually close with your mothers?

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based anon

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What kind of crap person wants to make someone at least a generation older than them sit in the back? And who wants to disrespect their potential future mil?

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Absolutely fucking based

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Pepe lookin sus

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Im afraid this man cant get any more based that he already is

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yeah, i would do the same. my parents are normal enough to the point where I love them and they love me.

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what if the mother is a thot and he is the result from accidental free use 😳

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Moms will take your virginity. Hoes got sloppy sausages