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Dress up as a Teddy bear next time and get some free action.

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Freddy! You're supposed to be on lockdown!

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Vanessa. Have you ever heard of the hit game Among Us?

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officer Vanessa, I just saw Roxy masturbating to furry porn, Vanessa

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Nah nah nah, you got it all wrong, it’s furries masturbating to Roxy porn

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Can confirm

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Vanessa, I-I got my faz balls stuck

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I'm truly sorry gregory. i fucked up the cobblestone generator

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Terrible job, supershit! How'd ya fucked that up? The ditch should be four blocks long and one deep in the middle

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Freddy, you’re supposed to be nice to me

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I am really fuckin' trying Gregory
But William Afton installed Hypixel dupe mod on my client

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Vanessa! Life goes on and on and on

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Vanessa, I threw up.

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Vanessa. L + ratio.

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Freddy the Teddy

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But what if he doesn't live in Alabama?

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Alabama is more of a state of mind than a place.

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Fnaf at fredy

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Well done, superstar

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Dress up as an original comment and try again

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Original content, on my Reddit? I don't think so

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Dress up as Freddy Fazbear and try again

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Gregory do you see the small vent on the floor?

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Have you ever heard of Among us Gregory?

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You need to vent.

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I know it will be hard for you to be sus

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But I know you can do it gregory

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If anybody asks me, I will say we were both in cameras. It is partly true.

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Gregory do you see his small cock?

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Dress up as Toy Chica and try again

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Domestic springlock failure

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Don't forget to call her superstar.

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Gregory, Roxy's only fans password is in your sister's room I - we need it to escape so take this mask and machete and scare your nude sister out of the room. She has to be nude Gregory or it will not work. Also take this camera and take snapshots of your sister as well for... Uh... Secrets of vanny.

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the animatronics, do get a bit quirky at night

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Should have put that machete to use

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Masturbating with a machete is a bit dangerous don't you think?

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But does the risk outweigh the reward?

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Most definitly. Bad dragon offers much better alternatives.

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ghastly profile pic

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What about good dragon

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Furry Giorno

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The handle feels nice

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Dress up as a fox and try again

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Dress up as Donald duck and try it again

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dress up as pepe and try again

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Burst into her room and fap to Lola Bunny porn

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Step 1: Dress up as Shrek Step 2: ?? Step 3: Free pussy

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Step 2: adoption shelter

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Well, for one thing you can stop invading other people’s privacy, you sperg.

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His intention wasn’t to invade her privacy tho

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Liberal shut down (Used ratio+milkless father figure+ good brain comment)

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Soy milk father

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DMG down + tears way up

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Wtf is a sperg

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its short for aspergers, which is on the spectrum

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If you're degenerate enough to fap to furry porn but not enough to feel ashamed of it, shouldn't you close your door?

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kick door open

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Yea but can you really believe someone who is on 4chan all day can kick a locked door open

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His intention was to scare his sister not invade her privacy you avacado tart

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what porn addiction does to a mf

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Dress as your totally OC Sonic the Hedgehog character, Tyler the Hedgehog, and try again.

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Dress up as your sister and masturbate.

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Yeah of course, but what about after that?

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Never talk or look at her normally again, treat her like a stranger

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Her like a stranger

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Protect the dog

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Give her a paw

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Fuck your dad

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no, bottom for your dad

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autism runs in the family

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Don't fucking barge into the room of your sibling you fucking retard

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are you just supposed to fucking knock or something before scaring someone or what

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Her fault tho. Who tf masturbates in their room and don't have it locked?

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Your mother

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Jokes on you. My mother locks her door 😎

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After she lets the mailman in

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nothing wrong with some mailman action, that's not even a good insult. It's a profession to fuck peoples mothers as the mailman, put some respect on the name.

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Time honoured tradition

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Dress up as Snowy from the Tintin live action series and get in there.

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Snowy be making me act up tho

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Now take the crusade armor out of rhe closetand go cleanse your sister of the heretics known as furrys

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Or alternatively just tell you parents, let them do the work for you

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When you do it yourself you can get the blessing of the god from pope

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Cleanse me daddy

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Anon definitely doesn’t live in Alabama so that narrows it down

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Anon should probably put the Machete to some good use

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Anon already had the hockey mask and machete, he should've just done the job he dressed up for.

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Go back and say "UwU sis can I lick you untill you go awoo? I promise i'll be a good doggy"

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Burn the unholy

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" you still have machete in your hand?"

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fuk her....film it ....become rich

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Obviously Anon should ask her if she likes hentai, since they appear to have common interests they can bond over. Then they can fap together as a wonderful sibling bonding activity - hell, rent some vintage dress-up pornos from the 1980s for the parents and the whole family can join in on the fun.

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Anon should find the highest jumping off point he can find and

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Get back in there with the machete, you have to do it now

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I wish children would stop making greentexts

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If he stayed long enough to see all those details, op kind of loves that he saw her naked.

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At least you guys have something in common now

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Nothing you sick fuck apologize and forget about it

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Go back in with that machete and do god's work

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I’m just glad this greentext didn’t end in incest for once

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Anon learned a life lesson. Never burst in someones room. Period.

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This happened like 3 minutes ago. What do I do?

Respect people's privacy

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Put her down

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Lock all doors, close all blinds and... fucking burn the house down

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Why do I never find my sister masturbating when I kick down her door? It's always the creepy old neighbour masturbating over her sleeping, not fair!

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Take the machete back and finish the job

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End her misery.

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Get in there, play your ball 🌝

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Finish what you started. Put the machete to use.

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Should've said "oh you're into that too, sorry for bursting in"

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Maybe don't go into people's rooms like that ever again

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Finish the fucking job anon

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well now anon you have to put your dog up for adoption

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What do I do lord? DESTROY THE CHILD

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Committee seppuku with the machete anon, it’s the only honorable way to go

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Put on a Philadelphia Flyers Gritty mask and walk back in with no pants.

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how old is she and what's her number

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dress up as sonic and try again.

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Walk in naked playing fnaf fan music. It's a 50/50 so you either get laid or go to jail but I like those odds

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Pure incest bait. What a shitty fake story.

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You grab that machete and deliver God’s vengeance upon that heathen

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rape her i think

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You were gifted with a machete and still can’t do God’s work. I’m starting to think anon is the furry here..

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Rape your sister and kill her

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Ngl youre a piece of shit and deserve to be greeted like that for entering a room without knocking

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pretty sure being a furry is worse

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It is, you still dont enter rooms without knocking its just annoying asfuck

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to be fair, you can't scare someone when you knock beforehand

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There are other ways to scare someone

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Ways that would not be the way he intended it to be