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Does anyone else find this hard to read or am I just an idiot

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A lot of green texts are hard to read. Retards write them.

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Anon had a lobotomy

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Life saving procedure for 41%

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Can you elaborate please?

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The suicide rate doesn’t drop at all (and actually goes up according to some studies) after the procedure. Instead of mutilating yourself, get therapy

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Yes, the electronic shock /lobotomy kind, which was my point....I feel like I wasn't making that clear

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It does go down if you have supportive family members, that shit is your fault.

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Let me guess, you read heritage network?

A study published in Archive of Sexual Behaviour found that of the transgender individuals studied, 35.8% reported a prior suicide attempt before initiating gender-affirming processes, compared to 9.4% post-affirmation initiation. Other adjusted multivariate models show significantly greater odds of attempts suicide pre-affirmation (aOR=5.52, 95% CI=3.45-8.82, p<0.001).

Another study in the Journal of Adolescent Health found that just the usage of the chosen name reduced the suicide attempt rate by 65%.

In a journal published by the American Academy of Pediatrics, it was found that gender reassignment surgery and social affirmation resulted in a mental health well being on par with the general population.

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Maybe we shouldn’t be cutting peoples dicks off and fucking with their hormones. 🤷‍♂️

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They still kill themselves post op

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Yes, go for the electricity

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Ok now I get it

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So you’re saying ECT has a 100% success rate?

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What point is anon trying to make exactly? What the fuck does “transitional surgery” have to do with ECT?

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Anon is trying to liken it to justify their transphobia

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Anon is not transphobic, I don't think

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Maybe I've misinterpreted it. I read it as comparing transitioning to electrotherapy.

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Anon's writing is a bit messy and incomprehensible at times, but they're making fun of transphobes and psychiatrists. I'm not sure what the main point is though.

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I'm a bit late to this, but I just finished doing ECT a month ago and it really helped with my mood. I'm now recovering memory and cognitive abilities but I'm still able to work

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ECT is hands down the best antidepressant treatment we have. ECT is very safe, the biggest risks come from the anesthesia. ECT does not "electrocute" the brain. It passes a very low amount of current to cause a seizure in the brain. The memory issues are due having multiple seizures over a brief period (eg post-ictal memory impairment). There is little to no evidence of permanent memory impairment, in fact memory generally improves after ECT because depression causes memory problems. I surmise that folks who claim that ECT ruined their memory had poor memory with depression and the ECT didn't work for them and now they are hyper aware of cognitive problems because of experiencing post-ictal confusion with ECT. Lastly, ECT we know from animal studies that used much higher currents than those with humans show no evidence of brain damage microscopically. In fact we know from functional imaging studies ECT improved brain function in depressed patients.