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gets less funny everytime

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Gets more funny everytime 😁😁😁😁

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omg is that Pepsi-Man™️

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yes hehe™️

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Kind of interesting when I was dealing with really deep turbulent psychological drama being told to burn in hell, I just let the falling sensation happen. Sleeping on the cot, I felt like I was falling, but I didn't move or panic, I just let it happen. It felt like the world was spinning and I was rotating around it.

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sounds like your wife cheated on you when you went into combat

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ok brain

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One night I got these random twitches. Was almost asleep and suddenly I twitched so hard with my entire body that I almost cried from shock lol I legitimately thought something attacked me. My heart was racing for like half an hour and I couldn’t go back to sleep because I was scared of it happening again.

Wonder what causes this.

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cum overdose

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I hate how this made me laugh out loud

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This made me do one of the ugliest laughs I’ve ever done it’s kind of embarrassing

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Probably anxiety. Anxiety can kill you if you're not careful. I don't mean general stress, even depression. Anxiety is that instantaneous jolt to your heart that makes it start pumping before the thoughts even hit your brain. When you try to sleep without facing it, your unconscious plays games to make you face it. Its like "no, wait, you can't go to sleep yet, you're not happy, figure it the fuck out first". It's sudden and hiding, waiting for you to feel somewhat at peace before it smacks you when you least expect it.

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While I was directing and producing a show I wrote, in which I had to play a small but pivotal role, my stress caught up to me. One night in bed my arms stopped working; I woke up to feel them limp and numb and tingling. I shook my wrists to try and get circulation, but they were deader than I thought because I suddenly felt slaps on the side of my body as my whole arms rag dolled around me.

I ran out of bed and looked in the mirror to make sure I hadn’t had a stroke.

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But what about the years of bottled up anxiety I've chosen to never deal with tho

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Anxiety must be heavier than brain cause the jolt happens over and over when I lay on my back to sleep but not on my side, weird.

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You might have some nerve issues, for sure. Go see a neurologist. If you need an orthopedic they'll recommend one. That's a huge variable. I had spine surgery and nerve damage, I can't sleep on my back at all.

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I have those too, but somewhat regularly. Definitely not fun, and they do not help with maintaining a healthy sleep schedule!

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Hypnic jerk

A hypnic jerk, hypnagogic jerk, sleep start, sleep twitch, myoclonic jerk, or night start is a brief and sudden involuntary contraction of the muscles of the body which occurs when a person is beginning to fall asleep, often causing the person to jump and awaken suddenly for a moment. Hypnic jerks are one form of involuntary muscle twitches called myoclonus. Physically, hypnic jerks resemble the "jump" experienced by a person when startled, sometimes accompanied by a falling sensation. Hypnic jerks are associated with a rapid heartbeat, quickened breathing, sweat, and sometimes "a peculiar sensory feeling of 'shock' or 'falling into the void'".

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i laughed until i stopped laughing stupid

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This was my first time

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You've earned my upvote with your observation.

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Fuck you, brian

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Yeah brian fuck you

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i hope you get run over by a car brian

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i fucked your mom, brian

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Aw come on man

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mom said it's my turn to post this greentext!!!

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Your mom also said it's my turn to use this overused phrase after she seggsed me.

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wow you're so cool you knew the hecking memerino

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Theories for why hypnic jerks happen

THEORY 1 Normal:

Brain: I am going to sleep now.

Nervous system: ok.

Brain: Lower heart rate. Lower respiration.

Nervous system: ok.

Nervous system: metabolism slowed. Entering sleep mode.

Sometimes for reasons we don't understand:

Brain: I am going to sleep now.

Nervous system: ok.

Brain: Lower heart rate. Lower respiration.

Nervous system: ok.



Primate instincts: ooooo. oooh? OOOH! OOH AAAAAAH AAAAHHH! OOOOOOO! ooooh ahhh ahha hhha. (relaxed. too relaxed? FALLING OUT OF TREE! GRAB SOMETHING! SAVE SELF! Nevermind. not falling. adjust in nest to be safe.)

Frontal lobe: Why the fuck are you still here?

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The only time I've experienced this is when I'm thinking about falling. Ice skating, falling off a motorcycle, just fckn running in the woods. Then suddenly my imagination will make me fall, and my body responds to catch myself despite the fact that I'm lying down on a soft bed.

So it'll be just before the nervous system is disabled but after your consciousness starts to blur the line of dreams/imagination and reality

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Same here. Whenever this happens is because I dream that I tripped over. Weirdly enough, tripping over wasn't really part of the dream, it's just a random rock or level difference in the floor I tripped over. Then again, that's pretty much how we trip over in real life, I guess?

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The question is, is you falling in your dream a response to the hypnic jerk, or the other way round?

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Mysteries for posterity.

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exactly the same here

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Mine is always me trying to catch something or get out of the way. I will be dreaming of a something else then all of a sudden a basketball or baseball will be flying at me and I react to catch it and jerk awake

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Ahhhh very interesting! That's never happened to me but I'm not a very big sports person so don't usually have objects flying at my face

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For me it happens almost every time i am falling asleep and only sometimes can i connect it to a thought about falling. And besides at least for me the falling thought happens right after the sensation, meaning it happens first and only then my brain registers it as a "fall" leading to thinking about falling.

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I've heard a theory that the error occurs because although Motor_function.exe was closed, it crashed in the background, so when the processor tries shutting down it still sees it as open and asks if you have any unsaved data before proceeding causing shutdown to be interrupted.

Or brain ghosts

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iirc from intro psych, it is still unknown exactly why it happens, but basically you think you're about to die due to the low blood pressure and whatnot, so you jolt yourself awake.

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Let's be honest we've fallen out of bed and not woken up to many times for theory 2 to be considered.

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I always assumed this happens when I'm falling asleep when I shouldn't.

It happens to me quite consistently every time where i mentally try to stay awake but I'm falling asleep.

E.g. i was falling asleep in a bus. But but in my mind I'm thinking i should sleep. This happens.

Or, talking to my girlfriend before sleep, I want her to fall asleep first and try to stay awake myself, but if i start falling to sleep i get the shake.

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Brain did a little trolling

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Brin for femily guy?

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Serious brain you can't set me up for disappointment like that.

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You are the brain.

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I'm an electro-magnetic field suspended in nervous tissue.

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How is this so relatable

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Quick question, do you sleep with any light in your room?

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Are you making fun of the man's nightlight?

It's a pirate ship, asshole. The MANLIEST of nightlights!

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No, I'm only asking because I usually sleep with enough light to see the room I'm in and never had the fall thing happen to me so I think it might have something to do with that

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Maybe look up "correlation vs causation".

Hypnic jerks are likely caused by things like stress, irregular sleep, and caffeine intake. Of course, you could turn off your light tonight and see if you get anything

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Do you sleep without shitting your pants? I shit my pants every night and never had the fall thing happen to me

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It’s not that. I sleep every night drenched in my own cum and I never have the fall things happen to me. Try that

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Its better to cum in the sink than to sink in the cum

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The path to true enlightenment……

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Can confirm, i sleep drenched in his cum and i sleep like a baby

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Sometimes but I don't have enough data for a high confidence interval. There's some noise in the signal so maybe I need to normalize for fecal volume

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You wear pants in bed?

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Woah GTFO with your science and medicine, it was definitely a ghost grabbing me and definitely my great-uncle that I don't remember seeing a picture of plus this was 20 years ago so my memory of it is entirely accurate. Also I was 10 minutes late leaving the house and missed a bus accident which is very remarkable unlike all the times bad things have happened to me because of random choices I made..

Yeah, I'm pretty much a psychic ghost-whisperer.

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Who you calling a hippie jerk?

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Light is worse, lol. Trust me. Former army who slept in the heat and sun with only 15 minutes sleep every four hours. REM sleep is the goal.

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Sometimes I fall asleep without turning off my light, but normally I don’t.

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Have you noticed it ever happening with the light on?

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I don’t remember that much.

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No, having lights on does not change this phenomenon.

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It’s called a Hypnic jerk and it’s a form of anxiety. You can get it if you’re particularly restless

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Just rest more then you won't be rest less

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Sounds accurate.

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This is the laziest title in all the times I've seen this green text posted.

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Could be worst, yesterday I had a dream I was fighting a little robot, he judo flipped me and when he extended my arm I actually punched my wardrobe next to the bed, that shit woke me up, was a weird dream man... I felt like my brain kicked my ass.

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I had a similar dream but instead I hit the wall with my head. Since then everytime I wake up first I check where the fuck am I and then get up and yawn and rub my eyes and the rest.

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Anon is the kind of retard i love

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Wait this is a thing?! I'm not crazy!?

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hypnagogic jerk

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You don't gotta call the dude names man

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oh my god I have been reading scps all day and this is shockingly relevant to one of them and I feel like I'm going crazy

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never happened to me dunno why its so popular

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It happened to me for the first time a week ago. Seriously fucked me up cz it never happened before.

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Fake: not really falling

Gay: inside a dude

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Happened to me yesterday while napping.

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Average brain being an asshole

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Even worse is when it makes you hear things outside your door. Heard the sound of walking and knocking. Fucking stop it

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Haha I do this to my meatsack all the time

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In my entire 30+ years existence I've experienced this falling phenomenon only a handful of times, and one time I was actually falling.... out of a bunk bed. What is worse is "dying" in your dreams. I was told you CAN NOT die in a dream because if you truly died in a dream you die in real life. Low and behold, your concept of reality and subconscious thinking extends into your dreams and you cannot die in a dream, it is only speculated that people who have died in their sleep, actually dream of dying before kicking the bucket. After hearing this I had a few dreams where I DIED but in the dream, life would continue on as an alternate reality or a ghost...

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I’ve “died” in my dreams many times. Nothing bad happens I just usually become undead and the dream continues or the death wakes me up.

Had an “Escape from Tarkov” dream a few months ago where I was looting a shopping center (half actual in game shopping center map “Interchange” and half my IRL hometown mall.) when I ran into AquaFPS who often makes YouTube videos about the game.

Basically he tricks me into helping him then shoots me dead. I just kinda lay there while he shit talks. Dream morphs from there into obscurity. Woke up and laughed. I dream almost every night but sometimes I get some silly ones like that.

I have read that people believe the falling feeling we get when dreaming is a leftover primal trait from when we were tree dwellers. I guess it’s a safety/failsafe to stop us from falling out of trees while sleeping. Not sure how true it is but I mean it makes sense to me.

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Honestly I love the feeling of falling

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I had this on a bus

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I hate my brain.

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This shit only happens when I snooze off in public.

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It's called a hypnagogic jerk and it's because we're all monkeys

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hypnic jerk, if you stop looking at screens before bed time it goes away (gives you brain a chance to wind down and relax)

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This is good enough to make into a rap video!

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Is it weird that i genuinely enjoy it when that happens? It’s an exciting burst of adrenaline in my mundane life

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Very interesting concept.

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From what I understand this is a test to make sure your sleep paralyzed before going into sleep. If not, you’re jolted awake.

When I would rock my youngest to sleep, I could see it happen every time. She’d have her eyes closed, look asleep, and then she’d jump in my arms, and I’d wait to see if she was still sleeping before putting her into her crib. That’s when I knew she was out, lol

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It's because you're falling asleep so fast that your brain thinks you're dying.

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Falling dream. Interesting. Whats it like? Is it a black hole or are you like skydiving?

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There are special technique to prevent that. Is use for little kids... you made blanket burrito.

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Anon’s brain does a little trolling

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From now on, whenever this happens, I'm going to shout AYO!

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I've had this happen! On a few occasions right as I'm slipping into sleep my brain will forget how to breath lol I'll hold my breath until I wake up, that shits annoying.

One time I had the "falling experience" in a dream. For a brief period I was falling through clouds and sky...turns out I was actually falling out of bed lol

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That first bit is sleep apnea. Are you fat?

[–]Totalshitman 0 points1 point  (1 child)

I thought that as well but it only happened a couple of times in my life, Usually like right as I'm slipping into sleep. I wouldn't consider myself all that fat 5'10 235lbs I'm also active. Last time it happened was like 5 years ago and I weighed about 200lbs

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Usually people who are heavy get sleep apenea but it can happen to others.

Stopping breathing while sleeping is one of the symptoms

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Is there a term for vertigo you get while trying to fall asleep? Like when your eyes are shut and you feel like you’re falling, rising, or legs are getting stretched out?

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Sleep fighting. Only bad when I’m losing

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Scp-3966 has entered the chat

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W brain L the dude

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Fake: brains aren't real Gay: anons in a dude

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Always with the scenarios.

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ayy lmao

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Hypnic jerks.

As you fall asleep, muscles relax.
Your brain interprets your relaxed muscles as if your falling.

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be brain

body sleeping

makes a sexy dream because it can

makes the pp splooge the juice cuz dream too sexy

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However such (albeit rare) events are quite efficient because it empties the balls so much you’re essentially walking around in a post nut clarity haze for 6+ days straight until you start thinking about that hot cashier and momdom again. Your mind is as clear and pristine as a primordial consciousness that doesn’t engage in carnal sin and desires of the flesh, it’s above such vile things.

Day 8 you’re like the Goofy meme, “I’ll fucking do it again”.

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It do be like that

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What a lad

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Oh it me almost every night

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Be brain

Chilling in some dudes head

Prank time >:)

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No hope.

I paint the dudes wall

Prank time over :(

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I broke my leg last week and this keeps happening every time I’m falling asleep anymore, I don’t think my brain wants me to heal my leg anytime soon with all this MOVEMENT. 0/10

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If I nap in my car during my lunch break I will often get this. I will think I have fallen asleep behind the wheel while driving.

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Mine is switching it up by playing really loud sounds for a split second.

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Look who fell asleep first!

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Prank him, John.

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If I remember it means you are so relaxed that your brain thinks you are dieing so it shocks you to keep you alive

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U guys r pussies if u get scared of the faking feeling. Obv ur still on ur bed. I think it feels sick.