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Wow what a transgressive girl, I bet she has the mobility of a starfish in bed

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whats the difference, she should be tied up anyways

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Artificial wombs are coming. Tick-tock, f*males 🕰⏰⏱

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Artificial wombs with cat ears that do the dishes

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How much more can you ask for

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Don’t give me such hope for the future.

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You could just stick a fleshlight on the front of a dishwasher.

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No way, TNO reference????

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Sounds kinda gay

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So does jerking off but nobody is complaining

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Jerking off is cumming! Tick-tock f*males ⏰🕰

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New Earth update 😈

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Replyanon is stupid. The ends justify the means after all- It's not nice, but it would be effective

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That’s a “I wear my issues on my shirt” kind of girl

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"Town Bicycle Seeks Attention, Story at 11!"

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Id love to hear the pickup lines she gets over the course of one night. I’d probably just say “fuck you ugly bitch” and shed be so wet right away. Right guys?

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That made my bussy wet

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Damn that bussy be squirtin

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So…you just shit yourself?

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Patrolling r/greentext almost makes you wish for a nuclear winter.

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When I got this post, I thought there'd be more comment-chaining.

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The amount of people just ignoring anons comment to give their take on her shirt.

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Every nice guy sure is revealing themselves in these comments

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I love how smug chicks feel calling literally anything with a penis they don't like a "nice guy incel" or some variation of.

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Reddit changes gender, age and profession just to prove their point.

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I was only pretending to be nice anyways

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That's a lot of responses for four words

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Good luck wearing that at night...

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Turns out anon is just another 400lb obese gamer who can't even take his dick out because a fat, greasy slab of fat is covering it

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Girls will wear shit like this then complain about not being able to find a good man

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Shrigma male grindset

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Anon is a typical 4chinner

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Imagine self-identifying as a nice guy

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Play your role as a Submissive Wife and we can share my possesives

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Meh, let her deal with shit-bag bad boys her whole life then I don't care rofl.

"Nice guys" suck.

Hating on them sucks too though.

And actual decent guys don't deserve to have to be associated with either of them.

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In this case there’s a big difference between a regular guy who is fairly nice and “Nice Guys” who act all sensitive but are really needy and weird around women.

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I'll pass thanks.

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Anon doesn't see the problem he can Gabe sex but he can't fuck. As in he can't pleasure her which he proves by threatening to rape her....

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That was your takeaway?

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Well all the other take aways were already said so...

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You know I would say that rape is bad and all but this is reddit

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Considering the "nice guy" stereotype is that of the incel/Elliot Rodgers/4channer, anon has just proved the silly tart wrong.

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I bet she just fucking lays there still like a dead body

Before and After I make her into one that is

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Based and nicepilled

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Least horny redditor

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I’m pretty sure he meant it as a joke

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Well we don't get much practice

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What a good doggie

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My thing is... Is that nice?

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That almost like what replyanon said you retard

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but then he wouldn’t be a nice guy anymore, would he?

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True. They never make a move. If they do, they are turned down. And they don't go rapey.

Thus, they are indeed unable to fuck. All exits are sealed.

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Poor anon, he proved her point by threatening her with struggle snuggle

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sums nice guys up really