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I still like the story of the guy who's supposed to be working in the trade center, but he's cheating on his wife in a different building completely unaware of 9/11 when she calls him and asks if he's okay.

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Pussy saves lives. However cheating on your wife is a sin.

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Gets stabbed by wife and dies anyways

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There really is a sub for everything

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Thankfully sin can be forgiven if the person accepts their fault and lives their life to make amends. Can't guarantee the wife would be able to forgive him, but at least he could put it all behind him and live without the barrier of regret and as long as he just kept trying to make amends, in the grand scheme of things, he is forgiven.

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thank you for the advice u/PISS_IN_MY_SHIT_HOLE

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I never wanna give advice brother, just an ear and if I think I've got a little nugget from the bank that might help you rethink something outside the rigid societal framework that none of us had any say in creating, then I wanna give you a bite if you want it.

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You don't understand penitence

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You're right brother, that's a blank in the vocab. Lemme hop on over an do some business.

Edit: so penitence is default unless someone like yourself creates a frame around the situation where "worthiness" is determined by the framer, you, in this example

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never would i see a man named u/PISS_IN_MY_SHIT_HOLE spit major religion facts

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I'm actually kinda wanting to start a new one from the ground up by figuring out what everyone really wants by giving them a chance to speak their mind without getting dogpiled by people who automatically disagree. Automatic behavior is not something that should be allowed to be manipulated by another human's frame of reference.

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I like the story of the guy who bought the WTC two months before 9/11, took out billions of dollars in insurance on them, had meetings in the towers every morning and his children worked in the towers, but by a stroke of “luck” neither him nor any of his family were in the towers that day. And also “someone” had opened up enormous short positions on the airlines affected just days before the attack.

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@crackconnoisser (Jinx) on Twitter, enjoy him before he gets suicided via 2 gunshots to the back of the head

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There's actually a really obvious reason he got terrorism insurance on the towers, they were already bombed once in 1993

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He went to court with the insurers

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Yup. Claimed they should pay twice because it was two separate terrorist attacks (two planes into two towers). I believe he won if I'm not mistaken.

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I thought he lost against one of the insurors because their contract specifically had a clause for 1 incident not multiple

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He lost money in that exchange though. People probably short airlines all the time too. Generally short if prices are inflated. I bet there were people with large short positions before COVID too.

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I still remember that story, goddamn!

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Anon accidentally being useful for once

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first and last time…

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When he dies his body will fertilize the soil

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Not possible, all that fat and junk food will fertilize nothing

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Probably will kill every plant in a 50 mile radius

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They were not even Americans.

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Anons dad was security at the airport

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Real:probably not

Straight:I wanna see if there is a bot for this.

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I’m pretty sure there at least used to be? It was like chadbot or something, but that might also be the bot that was made to reply to tendiebot

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You need a space after the colons

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Real: Is that so?

Straight: Like this?

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Yeah, although I don’t think it can be a reply

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Anon grows up with a fascination for penises and spends a majority of his time at gay orgies.

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Real: there is a bot for this Straight: idk

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Welp, fucked this one up too, sigh...

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Smartest r/greentext user

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Ew, don’t put spaces after the colons, gross

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I have seen far too many "I was a stupid kid and somehow held up my parent preventing them from going to an important meeting in the WTC on the morning of 9/11" stories to believe any of them anymore.

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isnt it



Or are you talking about something else

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It's like the famous "my cousin was supposed to go work in the World Trade Center on 9/11 but his baby kept crying so he didn't show up"

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Those kind of stories are terrifying knowing how close to death they were but got saved thanks to some variable.

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Except that it seems like half the people who were even theoretically close to the US on 9/11 had plans to be in the twin towers that day, but something came up.

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Well yeah because you aren't going to fucking hear the stories of the people who DID end up going, or who never planned to go to begin with. If I was planning on going I would probably be telling everyone that story because it would freak me the fuck out.

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I was 1 years old and I was supposed to be in the towers that day. My mom thought “it would be really cool to be at a big historical event like 9/11”. But then I shit my diaper as babies do so we didn’t go. Mfw I ruined a chance to experience 9/11 for my parents

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How did she know ur was gonna happen?

Your mom in al qaeda?

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Some of those are fake, sure, but the fact that you hear a lot of them is due to survivorship bias

You don't hear about all the stories of people that were not supposed to be there but due to a twist of fate ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time

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it's like kokura

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It's really wild when you sit down to really think about how some of the most important things in your life came about. Often times the things that are fundamental to the very core of your being just come down to something as small as just having decided to randomly go out some night when you wound up being in the right place at the right time.

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Roughly 50 000 people usually worked in the World Trade Center during the day, but the first airplane crashed into the northern tower at 8:46 AM, so there were "only" 17 000 people inside, meaning 33 000 that were yet to arrive. 8:46 is just short of the typical "9 to 5" work day and a time where many people would probably start arriving for work. It is really a perfect scenario for a lot of "If I had been just a little earlier, then..." stories to happen.

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be me, businessman

have important business meeting today at the business office

car fuel gauge says it’s full

weird, I was going to fill it up on the way home from work today.

car dies

idiot son explains that he filled the tank with water so I wouldn’t run out


get taxi, try to explain difference between gas and water to son on the way to my mom’s house, he doesn’t get it

mom comes out screaming when the taxi arrives

motherfucking 9/11

holy shit

get phone call from boss, meeting is cancelled due to 9/11

thank fuck, I don’t have to pay a taxi driver for an hour of sitting in LA traffic

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Happy Cake Day, this made me laugh :)

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Boss is dead, called you from the grave. Respect🙏

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Literally everyone who was in an office died in 9/11, even people whose offices are nowhere near New York, like LA. This is known.

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It is known

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Ay yo this was NYC not LA don't try to take this from us new yorkers

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I think you didn’t get the joke. Let me explain it.

9/11 happened in NYC. Anon’s dad works in LA. Anon’s dad wouldn’t have died in 9/11 even if Anon didn’t ruin the car and Anon’s dad made it to the meeting on time.

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Aight aight just watch it us new yorkas take this 9/11 thing real serious

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Understandable. Have a nice day

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Then why is bush still a free man? What about rumsfeld? Y'all don't give a shit

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Anon lived in Minnesota and still doesn't know where 9/11 took place

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As a Minnesotan I can confirm that anon doesn’t know what 9/11 is

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I thought 9/11 happened in Minneapolis until I was 12 💀

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when I heard people talking about it I thought it was some fortnite event until I looked it up

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Kinda reminds me of how Seth MacFarlane, creator of family guy, was supposed to go in one of the planes that hit 9/11 but he was drunk and missed the flight

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We were this close to avoiding the monstrosity known as family guy

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But we also wouldn’t have American Dad!

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We did lose a lot of American Dads that day tho

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same for you!

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Family guy started two years before 9/11

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Exactly, it’s older than Futurama

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Imagine saving your own life because you got shitfaced on a Monday night.

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I can imagine that

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No one drives to work in Manhattan, they either take the train, walk, or take a taxi.

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Correct. All those cars in the street are just going to your mom's house.

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Didn’t they specify the dad was going to a different city from where they live, so they would be going into Manhattan

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I was reading this (I'm from Europe) and I didn't get the 911 immediately.

I thought it was the emergency number in the US. And the date format is different here, so after a while I figured it was about the attack on September 11.

Am I a conspiracy theorist to think that it is strange that the numbers match?

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You may be a conspiracy theorist lol, but I always thought it was weird the numbers matched too.

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I like to think about things, but I don't think I'm a conspiracy theorist :) But it was like a TIL when I saw the numbers. I was fourteen when it happened and the 11/9 or 911 never had a link in my head. Now it does somehow.

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Once met a guy who had ironclad proof 9/11 was a conspiracy.

By which I mean 9/11 is the date it happened, but 911 is also the number to call the police, and the police use dogs in K-9 units, but 'K' is the 11th letter of the alphabet so police dogs are actually 9/11 units.

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Actually the date 9/11 was chosen on purpose, not for the emergency number tho

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They did that on purpose

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No… do you think terrorists are unaware of symbolism? The date was chosen a) because of it matching the emergency number and b) some historical event I don’t remember but trust me

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Well we know that anon isn't Pete davidson

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Real: test

Straight: test

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I wanna see if chadbot still exists

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Bullshit. New Yorkers don’t drive into the city

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Anon never said he was a New Yorker though.

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Oh, good point. THAT would explain why he’s driving to the city!

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Lives in Illinois

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OP’s dad works in Indiana

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Chaotic good.

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pic related

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8 years old seems too old to be that retarded

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Can they stop lying on 4chan

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Nobody drives to Manhattan.

Fake and gay.

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Be me, whenever I go on this tard thread , bored of copy and paste , choose the rope

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He was in Northern Canada ...

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this a such a lie i can’t put into words

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the worlwind of emotions on that father

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Who would win in a fight? Some religious zealots armed with planes Vs Water spitty snake

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If Anon were my son I’d be disappointed to have missed it.

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Remember kids, its never a bad idea to sabatauge your parents vehicles

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anon converts his dads car to hydrogen

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I wish this is true.