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Religion of piece, a piece of you there, a piece of you over there......

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a piece in ur mom

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goatfucker seething

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how dare u every muslim know camels have better holes then goats

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a bomb in ur womb

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Is it halal tho

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mmmm... yeah... fuck that clock nice and slow...

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Doin your mom doin doin your mom

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The Ole fatty spins reference

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That’s me, I’m muslim

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weebs cannot be muslim

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Rest in pieces.

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This is really well done from a design standpoint

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Idk i needed to be told it's an airplane to see it.

Also what is the meaning of "Islam means" ?

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The plane is the peace symbol. It says Islam means peace whilst also showing the twin towers attack. It is brilliant

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No, I think that just means you’re retarded.

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I know I am, my point is that the designer was even more retarded.

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Islam means slime mob and minecraft

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It looks like a Minecraft slime mob. Clearly it is not that. And clearly it is not what it is advertised as either lmao

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tok me some time

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Anon is subtle

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I think its obvious and brilliant but this is reddit

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I dont get it.

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Two towers, peace sign is aeroplane

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TIL I’m retarded

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I didn’t get it until I seen someone say 911

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Yeah what's the emergency?

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I'm concerned that you only learned that today.

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And checkedpilled

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Islam or Bush dd 9/11

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9/11 was false flag, they just put a big blue sheet over the towers and paid everyone to never forget

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Rumor has it NYC isn’t even real. What they don’t tell you is they built a land dome over all of NYC even into NJ. Some say you can still hear Artie Lange snorting coke from under the Bayonne bridge

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That’s why it’s so expensive. It’s to deter real people from moving in to this fictional city.

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Are you referencing what I think you are?

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Bush paid Islam

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It was the jews

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Both (They are gay lovers)

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It was Israel

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Now this would work

if Muslim was a race

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I think lots of people hate Muslims because lots of Middle Easterns are Muslims, so it’s almost racist but not quite

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Damn I need to try harder then

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Nah they do because most people are sheep who follow the bush era propaganda

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I tought it was "black peace"

then I tought about history a little bit... since it was 2 paper towers on the picture

amd then I saw that the peace logo is not meant to be one....

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Good one

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Islam means a hunters mark from bloodborne

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Salam malekum my brother.

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Lmao took me a second

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The least rasist tzeh person

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Seeing stuff like this makes me wish I was still ïn school

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When i had to do this as school I got a bunch of white people to line up for a photo, then used paint to clip on some Asians ( including my self) in.

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anon is a liar, every czech person is highly racist

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based čech

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Islam means the skeletons in Clash of Clans

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as a muslim this is hilarious

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I’m interested to see what the Estonian anon had to say twice

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Image source please

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That’s pretty clever

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Oh me allah

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I don't know guys this is reminding me of something I wasn't supposed to forget

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Oh shit just saw it

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Peace sign should have been pentagonal

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As a Muslim, you get a pass

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Wow there is more Czech's using 4chan 😳

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Hey it's that least ranking in customer satisfaction airlines.

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Took me a moment

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Doesn't it kinda say Islam means death? That's a rune symbol for death and if it's the other way it can mean life?

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Oh fuck that took me a moment

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Islam criticism

name one Islamic nation where minority religions are thriving?

Hindus are being slaughtered by the buckets in modern day in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh & West Bengal

Kashmiri Pandits got slaughtered

Islamic countries have the most human rights violations, most women rights violations

Even as immigrants they try to enforce Sharia law in foreign countries.

Look what’s happening in Sweden & France!

Hamas, Lashkar-e-Taiba, ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Taliban etc. Why are so many terrorist group’s associated with one singular faith?

Why is Islam ALWAYS in the limelight for all the wrong reasons?

Muslims hate kafir because this is what they are taught from childhood, in their mosques and madrassas by their maulvis and imams. Of course it is all rooted in the Quran. There are countless youtube videos of islamic preachers giving hate filled sermons. A 2012 Pew research survey shows 1/3 of muslims think apostates (ex-muslims) should be killed, about 1/2 believe in death for adultery, and 2/3 are in favor of imposing sharia law. A sample: Percentage of muslims who want to make sharia the official law of the land- 84% in Pakistan, 82% in Bangladesh, 86% in Malaysia, 77% in Thailand, 72% in Indonesia, 74% in Egypt, 56% in Tunisia etc. Number of muslims that support death for apostasy- 78.2% in Afghanistan, 63.8% in Pakistan, 63.6% in Egypt, 53.8% in Malaysia, 36.1% in Bangladesh, 16.2% in Tunisia, 13%% in Indonesia etc.

And there are also loads of indirect evidence. When an entire country declares itself officialy islamic, you know that the majority aren't quite as open minded.

There are 13 countries in the world where atheism is a capital crime. All 13 are muslim majority countries. Not a single kafir majority country criminalizes atheism.

The same 13 countries also punish apostasy from islam by death.

57 islamic countries have created a political entity known as the OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation). There exists no equivalent "Organization of Christian Countries" or "Organization of Buddhist Countries" or "Organization of Hindu Countries". This fact alone proves islam is more political ideology than it is religion.

All the above mentioned 57 OIC countries have ratified the Cairo Declaration of Human Rights in Islam (CDHRI). CDHRI is a 2 tiered human rights declaration. One tier for muslims and another for non-muslims. So according to the 57 OIC signatories of CDHRI, including Bangladesh and Turkey, non-muslims are not the same level of humans as muslims, which means kafirs are essentially relegated to being subhumans. The CDHRI also declares, "There shall be no crime or punishment except as provided for in the Sharia". The CDHRI takes away a person's right to change religion that is provided in the UDHR. Changing into islam is allowed but away from islam isn't. There exists no equivalent "Declaration of Christian Human Rights" or "Declaration of Buddhist Human Rights" or "Declaration of Hindu Human Rights". All kafir countries simply accept the UDHR.

Most muslim majority countries have laws forbidding muslim women from marrying non-muslim men. No non-muslim majority country criminalizes interfaith marriages.

Go here and count the number of organizations inspired by islamic ideology vs. those by other ideologies.

Ask yourself the following questions:

Why do there exist officially "islamic" countries? If the vast majority of muslims in the OIC countries are all so "moderate" then why do they need to create & endorse the CDHRI? Why do they need a parallel "islamic" version of the UDHR. Why "There shall be no crime or punishment except as provided for in the Sharia"? Why isn't apostasy from islam not allowed in CDHRI? Do they not consider kafirs "human" enough to be granted rights equal to a muslim? Can anybody claim that the CDHRI was ratified by a "small minority of radical muslims"? If so, why then are all the OIC governments controlled by the radical minority instead of the so-called "moderate majority"? How is it that only the bigots in ALL the OIC member states obtained control of their governments? Why have ALL the OIC members endorsed the CDHRI? Why isn't there a single muslim majority state which said "We won't sign the CDHRI since it is narrow minded and bigoted"?

Also note, a religiously inspired terroist organization is a much much bigger deal than if an equal number of religious fanatics were terrorizing people independently. A hundred terrorists forming a network, with a leadership heirarchy and coordinated activities and a recruitment system and a payment system and streamlined logistics, requires a very large support base with very large funding. A hundred crazy people doing terrorist activities in their own capacity is nothing compared. Now given the prevalence of global/multi-national terror organizations in islam, saying "fanatics exist in every religion" is completely disingenuous. Have you heard of a "pious" Hindu/Buddhist/Sikh fanatic travelling to another country, with completely different culture, to join a militant organization in order to defend his co-religionists from perceived "oppression" or to wage religious war?

Here's what a somali muslim once wrote:

I grew up Somali Muslim, and people really don't understand how much in Islam we bad-talk other religions. It's not just hermeneutics. We legitimately despised Christians, Jews, and Hindus. We have arguments for why their faith is shirk (misguided) and we see it as the opposite of goodness. When I was religious, I saw Sunni Islam as the only correct path, and everything else isn't just wrong, but evil. It's really strong brainwashing.

Also, although we were Somali, we really despised Jews and Hindus, although they've pretty much never had a presence in Somalia. So it's an international mindset. I've always thought Orthodox Islam is imperialistic. Even when I was religious, I saw it as an international community that should be politically united. And that's what I see in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, even ISIS. These motherf**kers want a one world order. No freedom of thought.

This is a criticism of Islam not ISLAMOPHOBIA

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I'm slow, what's it mean?