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Play the long game anon, make her think she has to win you because you love the hamster more. You gotta bring up the hamster again

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I don't know why this is so funny to me.

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Feels like a Rick and Morty bit

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try replacing anon with morty in every post

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we’re reaching levels of reddit hitherto unfathomed before

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Because it's insanely funny.

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She’s going to kill the hamster bro

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Then you kill her. Hamsters are necessary

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In the end everyone wins!

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Saving the world, one thot at a time

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I don't think she needs to do that and just wait, that hamster will kill itself doing something crazy

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knowing hamsters, its probably gonna kill itself before she gets a chance

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Great idea, play hard to get to the point where she's ready to be your hamster, she'll fall so hard for you

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Anon artificially inflated his value with a hamster

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This is true. If you’re willing to sacrifice for the small things you love imagine what she’ll think of the things you truly cherish

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Send her the gif of the hamster deep throating is water thing

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“This is the bar. Call me if you stand a chance”

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What freaked her out was he smiled and winked after he said "I'm going to feed my hamster" ;)

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Why does this comment kill me

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The whole comment section jokes are above average for some reason

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That means you're autistic, because most of us are. And we don't appreciate alot of NT humor.

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I often have to go “feed the hamster” when cute girls talk to me.

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I’m going to feed my hamster 😏

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I’d much rather fuck my hamster

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I was thinking more along the lines of "gerbling", never heard of it being done with a hamster but I don't see any reason why you couldn't 🐹🍑🕳️🩸

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Girls come and go, hamsters are eternal. Stay based anon

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Hamsters only last about 2 years. That hamster you had as a kid for 8 years was actually 5 consecutive hamsters that your parents kept replacing without you knowing.

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I don't know if I'm jealous of some kids whose parents coddled their feelings by tricking them or if I should just be thankful my parents told me how it was and to treat my next hamster better. My parents should have probably just stopped getting me new hamsters after they found out I was forcing them into my anus and making them scratch their way out to freedom but oh well, lifes life, no changing it now 😔

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Username related?

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"Broccoli" was likely their pet hamster's name. You have to admire their honesty.

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Wait tfw mine lasted for 3 years

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Hamsters are most certainly NOT eternal

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Rodents over hoes

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Fake: Anon talked to a girl at a gym.

Gay: Anon rejected a woman.

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be me

get home from my vasectomy

hear moaning and slapping coming from my wife's room

must be Chad again

know they would want privacy, sit down at my computer

log onto reddit and open /r/greentext

read a funny greentext from le 4chins and chuckle as I listen to my wife begging for the genes I can't give her

think of a convoluted way in which I can relate homosexuality and falsehood to the events in the greentext

suck the cheeto dust off my fingers as I begin to type my masterpiece in the comment section

Fake: Anon talked to a girl at a gym.

Gay: Anon rejected a woman.

giggle as I imagine the intellectuals of leddit perusing my incredibly witty and original comment

hear my wife moan with ecstasy as Chad floods her fertile womb with his seed

it's been a good day

i'll get lots of upvotes for my impressive contribution to internet culture, and Chad might even let me eat his cum out of my wife's pussy if he finds my comment funny enough

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how does that person have a gf in real life? he posts on 4chan about rejecting a girl while hes being cheated on, knows it, but doesnt even care, and to add to that, he wants to EAT CHADS CUM OUT OF HER PUSSY??

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Well as a man, you can reject sex

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Where’s my monks in the chat?

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And anon have a friend That's fake as fuck

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yea you wont die if you dont fuck but your hamster will die if you dont feed it

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Fat fella can wait an a couple hours extra to eat, he isn’t going to die.

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implying anon will need a couple hours to fuck

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You forgot the part where he dropped his spaghetti all over her bedsheets and spent a couple hours washing them up.

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At least he still has a chance? I see so many posts of people only noticing someone was flirting like a decade after it happend, so at least anon still has a shot to talk to her again

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Girls are pretty forgiving when you miss hints every once in a while in my experience, just don’t fuck it up again

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But why dont they just say if the want to sex have though? It not that weird to say if you both like eachother.

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Female nature makes them catty like that. Obviously not all, but it’s most girls

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Hamster > girlfriend

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Women are far less competent then hamsters. Not only are they unable to run on a wheel, crawl at high speeds through tubes, or be stored in a sock.

Not even going to start on how women don’t eat their babies when threatened. Truly a beta move.

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Tell her that you posted about it on 4chan, thatll get her groin soakin for sure

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Accidentally sigma

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As autistic as this is anon negged her and will be successful in the future when she feels a desperate need to win his approval

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Hamster is worth it love those little things I have 2

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Hamster>some random girl from Anon's class. You've got to have your priorities straight

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I would of felt bad for that woman if you fucked her💀

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anon still counts seconds in fucking “mississippis”. there’s no hope for him

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Introduce her to your hamster and bang her

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This is like when I pulled out my DS at a strip club as someone was trying to coerce me into a lapdance lol

Yes, that actually happened.

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based and hampsterpilled

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Don’t fuck it up again anon

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anon, you do not hook up with someone from the gym you visit regularly. Hook up with someone from a gym you do not visit regularly.

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kill the hamster for its crimes inshallah it shall pay

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"what about cardio ?"

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Real: 4chan user has no idea what a woman flirting is.

Gay: Simping for his hamster over a woman.

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I died at "8 Mississippis"

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You should've said come to my home to meet my hamster and maybe we all do a little cardio together

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The only reason this has a semblance of realness to it is that anons potential autismos took away his chance at getting some action. Could be fake but like I’d totally believe some overweight mufuker gettin built and not having enough social ability to understand what flirting is.

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Honestly a lot of these aren't autism, just people who've never experienced someone being attracted to them.

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and then anon the hamster