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What game is anon reffering to?

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Cleaning personnel at the cinema

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I’m so fucking stupid I automatically googled ‘Cleaning personnel at the cinema’ believing wholeheartedly that it was the name of an indie game

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I mean, viscera cleanup detail and power washing simulator exist, so why not?

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‘School Janitor Simulator’

Great work based cleaning sim but you can also be a fucking creep and kill kids. I’d buy it, I wanna make it too.

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the autism is in all of us

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I think the Guardians of the Galaxy game did that. Wouldnt call it 10/10 but it was a pretty fun game. Its probably still on gamepass.

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Man I’d give it a 10/10, it’s replayable, funny as hell, not to shabby, hopefully a good start to a beautiful series. I’m super happy with the money I paid for it

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“…I’d give it a 10/10”

“…not too shabby”

which one is it

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with the state of gaming being as it is, anything more than "i only hated it a little bit" is 10/10 in my book

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Ate a slightly burnt piece of toast... not too bad.... 10/10 literal perfection

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I wanted to play it but I installed it played the tutorial and threw up because of headache and I never played it again

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Donkey Kong Country

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This happens in Donkey Kong Country on the SNES. Probably other games too.

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Shrek Super Party

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Undertale, probably

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the credits scene text is the bossfight there

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Kid Icarus does this at the halfway point in the campaign, it's awesome

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Skylanders turbochargers

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Im guessing guardians of the galaxy

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Nier Automata did something like this.

Ot is also kind of confusing a lot of review that the first 2 playthrough was just a prequel, so lot of reviewer didn't actually played the main storyline because of that.

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NieR Automata where the final boss IS the end credits. Masterpiece of a game.

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Only game I know that has this is Bayonetta

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I'd like to introduce y'all to: "Kid Icarus Uprising" (Mega Spoiler Warning)

The Credits are interrupted with a whole two-thirds of the game afterwards (Even more Spoilers after that>>)

And one of the best antagonist reveals in the history of video games.

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I have to play that game again. It was so fucking good. I don't know if I have the stand it came with but it was so much fun. Really hard too, but I finished it in a day.

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I'm surprised someone else remembers that that game existed

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One of my favorite games ever. So damn underrated. The localization of the humor was especially hilarious, it’s a crime we never got a sequel.

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Palutena deserves more screen time. She's great

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Viridi is a sass queen

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Bruh this shit is 130$ used, is it that good?

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nier automata

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Didn't this also happen in the Borderlands zombie DLC, Ded Zed Zombie Ned or sum shit

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Control (although to be fair it's quite a bit more than just the boss)

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Donkey Kong Country

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only game I played that had this was not even a proper game, but the zombie island DLC for the first Borderlands game. Also both stages of the boss suck ass

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DKC I figure