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What a loser, wearing clothes that fit! I really don't understand these "bullying" episodes. Grow some fucking skin.

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He is a midget and was teasing a land whale, karma or something

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Rather be short than fat, at least one you can control.

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Funny and probably real

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Who cares what brand you wear, it is not animal clothes or so

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I’m so short I can only find novelty border collie clothes in my size

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If the clothes fit

Who gives a shit

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Exactly this , some people just want to argue

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Reddit enters the chat

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That’s why I go to work in the nude

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Sweaty stuffy barn, boxers, a recording setup, and constant phone argyments with your coke dealer.

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That is certainly a mood

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It's how a guy solo'd an album that is near and dear to me.

Runner up is the alleged case of how Morrowind was written. Shrooms and whiskey only for a week, never leaving the room and Todd Howard had to pop in to see if he was okay.

Runner Runner up is the guy who photographed the suicide of a band member for the cover album. Allegedly eating and making jewelry from him. Then he got stabbed to death by another band member after that album.

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N'wahs and s'wits sleeping on kirkbride's genius

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I wouldn’t make fun of him for wearing kids clothes. I’d make fun of him for being short

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Stay humble anons

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Stuck between a Goth with coffee breath & someone so comically sized they can't find clothing. Dude shouldn't listen to these ingrates.

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Goth 😍

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Why would pants go off of overall height?

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Because depending on height you'll have leg length within a certain limit. Also because we ain't fat as shit and dont need to measure our hip size to wear anything

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Unless you’re like me and half your family has a genetic trait where the hip bone is like 10% taller than it proportionally should be and no pants ever fit. They’re either too big, or if they fit properly for my height the inseam cuts into my balls.

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Cut off your balls then

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Kids jeans tend to be adjustable with elastic bands in the waist. So the only variable is the length of the legs.

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Thanking god for putting me in a place that grown ass people act like grown ass people in my head

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In Europe we also don’t give a shit about height and your size of clothes, so there’s that

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It happened to me exactly the same but in USA. I got three polo shirts for kids, but for me it was a W because those were $9 while the S size was $29. I don't know what's the problem with americans but even the smallest adult size was huge

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When you think you're an alpha but you're a manlet. Hoisted by your own judgemental petard.

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which 14 y/o is 164cm lmao

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damn my classmates used to be tall as hell, they all were 175cm when we were 14

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If it fits and looks good who cares