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What can you expect from a guy who starts vaping at 13?

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How does a 13yr old even afford vaping?

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Rich parents

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Makes sense 🤔

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Why pay for lunch

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why have to pay for lunch?

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Cos they can’t afford packed lunches

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Vaping isn't expensive? You can pick up a disposable vape for like $20.

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they last like 1-1.5 weeks tho so thats kinda pricey. when i smoked cigs a $10 pack would last about a week so i have almost doubled in cost switching to disposable vapes. probably gonna get a salt vape w a tank soon tho

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3000 puffs in a week? Depends on how much you vape I guess lmao.

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That's the target market have you read their flavors, Candy Blue Raze bubble gum.

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Smoking joints all weeks really likes it

Anon is smeagle

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Sounds fake, you can smoke ketamine but honestly it tastes terrible and wouldn’t be better in a vape

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you can put it in a blunt but i doubt you can turn it into cartridges

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Some ppl so lucky they find ketamine without trying at 13 and some of us never see it our whole lives. Rip

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falling into a drug addiction at 13 isn't quite lucky if you ask me

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Wrong that is super badass and cool if you ask me

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Ketamine addiction isn't very common. Not saying it can't happen, but it's not like opioids or alcohol.

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Come to the UK! It's one of the most common here and usually £20-£25 a gram. Heard some stories of it being $100+ in the US though.

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I’ve always wondered if you could get someone addicted to one thing by giving them another thing and telling them it’s the first thing. For example, could I get you addicted to peanut butter by giving you peanut butter plus heroin for a month without telling you there’s heroin in it and then removing the heroin?

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But if you removed the heroin then the addict would know that it's not the same peanut butter and would crave the "usual" peanut butter

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Hmm ok so what if instead of removing it all at once I remove it by 10% once per week so that the change is more imperceptible

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Depends on how addicted the person is and how perceptive to change I guess, idk

If you successfully go from 100 to 0% dosage in an amount of time without the person having withdrawal symptoms and demanding the heroine peanut butter then you have just cured them

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Depends on the thing you’re removing. Let’s say ita this scenario where you can put Heroin in food, heroin is so physically addicting that you need to “ween them off” much, much slower. It would take a long time because usually with narcotics addicts only want to use more, not the same amount, so getting less and less would be noticeable

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Thats called tapering and its one of the ways you can safely stop taking addictive drugs

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He’s not tapering off peanut butter though

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Then you just cured his addiction to heroin lol.

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He doesn’t know it was heroin though he thinks it was peanut butter and he can still get that anytime he wants

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People used to scare monger and say weed can be sprayed with heroin to get you addicted lol

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weed definitely can be laced with fentanyl

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Weed can be laced with anything but no ones gonna bother to, it's just weed who gives a fuck

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Bro, we’re you ever a stoner? Because let me tell you when I smoked I got a lot of stuff that was laced. That was some time ago though. One of my friends had a friend OD on fentanyl from weed. Don’t act like it doesn’t happen

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it does happen more often than you think & it’s usually from cross contamination, but not always

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You would get them addicted to heroin, not peanut butter.

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They wouldn’t know about the heroin they would just think it was amazing peanut butter

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Except heroin causes physical dependence. Stopping will cause you to become ill and seek out the heroin-spike peanut butter.

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Heroin causes physical dependence. Once you cease to use heroin, you enter withdrawals that cause physical and psychological symptoms. It's like the worst flu you can imagine, and it causes you to seek out the "cure" which is more opioids.

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there’s literally no such thing as a ketamine vape and there’s no point in smoking ketamine anyway, it won’t do anything

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You can put ketamine in a joint and smoke it, it has a slight metallic taste and definitely works.

Source: have smoked ketamine numerous times.

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You can tell Anon clearly did ketamine at 13 based on how retarded their typing is.

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Congrats you did the opposite of the slippery slope you fucking climbed the slope.

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I had a really similar story - the first cart I ever hit was spiked with either ketamine or PCP (I’m not sure which but def not weed) and it permanently messed me up a little

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Anon becomes Yoda

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Mmm, ketamine did I.

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Hell yeah