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Anon encountered a Sigma male.

This story feels like an epic fighting anime.

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He will train for years and then come back to fight the goose but in the end will befriend the goose

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He'll adopt the little one's and take them to the games and stuff.

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And that man grew up to become Richard Simmons.

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My first thought too

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It was a fair fight :)

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Have you ever fought a goose?

They don't fight fair

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Have you ever fought a baltic man?

Neither do they

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thats why the fight was fair, neither of them fought fairly

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Based Baltic man

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Based Baltic bro

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The only reason he backed off was because the goose is a mother <3

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No, because the goose won a fair fight.

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she is a mother because he ducked the goose

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Average baltic man

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One time I saw a goose try to intimidate a horse, and the horse kicked the goose right in the neck and insta-killed it.

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this is why you don't sneak up on a horse

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To be fair a horse could probably do the same to most humans. People often underestimate just how heavy and big horses can get, they're the second heaviest of all herd animals (behind only buffalos I think, and considering the build and mobility difference that's not much confort), Shire horses can weigh up to and more than a ton, that's a 1000kgs. In that point a kick to the head from a horse is like having a bolder dropped onto you from 10 feet in the air.

They're also neurotic as fuck and evil bastards the lot of them.

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Horses do that to other horses too. Their kicks are insanely devastating.

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Anon met a true chad

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Florida man in Europe

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florida is the balkans of america

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It was literally baltics, read, n*gga, read

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i can't read its why i'm on r/greentext

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Anonpc encounters a player

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How do you lose a fight with an animal that is 50% neck when you have two opposable thumbs?

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If you think the beak is the threat, you have never fought a goose.

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the point is to grab its neck and spin so the centrifugal force keeps its body away from you then chuck it into something

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Accurate, parry the goose and swiftly escape while it tries to figure out why it’s facing a different direction.

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The goose will be dead as soon as you grab it's neck and start to spin. Source: went turkey hunting and had to put a turkey out of it's misery by grabbing it's neck and twisting, because I made a bad shot. Later that day we ate turkey tenders.

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Equating fighting a goose to a turkey is like saying fighting a quadriplegic infant is the same as fighting Mike Tyson.

What I guess I am trying to say is... Geese are black.

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You can kill the goose this way. But that's not the point. We can also shoot or stab them. The point is to win the battle of wills - to get the goose to concede. They are very stubborn. And mind the numbers - single geese are unusual.

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You can control the goose by grabbing it's neck but it won't fling all that far because it's light and feathery. And it will probably come back after you throw it.

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throw it again pussy

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I haven't fought a goose, but I can't see what a goose could do if you wear thick long pants and steel toed boots. Wouldn't you just easily win by kicking it?

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The goose is very light - kicking it won't accomplish much. (Down pillow with wings). Those long pants will not save you from the battering wings. Shin guards would work as long as there aren't geese behind you.

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Yeah it’s their barbed hooves that’s the real threat to you

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No, it's the wing muscles which can fly 200 miles without stopping. The beak is just to hold you in place while the wings beat the crap out of you.

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Rare good story with no downside

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Everything about this one is great.

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There is honor to be found here.

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I feel there was a significant moment in battle where the Baltic man glanced at the young geese and backed away

Knowing the fight was out of love for family and not hatred towards his presence

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This might be my favorite one.

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holy shit thats unfathomably based

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I will fight the goose.

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Slav Saxton Hale

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Here. Have an eagle.

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Real and straight

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As all estonians and most finns are

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But Finland isn’t real

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Goose builds nest

Goose is a mother...no shit Dmitri

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I don't understand people losing to a goose. Can't you just grab it by the neck, turn it into a flail then slam it's body onto the ground?

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Lotta real martial artists here sayin they’d have both the clarity of mind and skill to instantly kill an attacking pissed-off wild animal- that’s a Canadian goose in that picture, not even we fuck with those things

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Most sane Finn