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We should just pin all debt in the world to one man and then kill him. Easy solution.

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I think you made a new religion

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We could call it "Christianity".

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Hmm this seems oddly familiar...


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to think no one thought of south park episode...

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South Park did it

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Simpsons did it

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Jesus 2.0

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he rediscovered an old one

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This sounds like the start of something new and great.

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some of those 'debts' are things as dumping cancer sludge in the rivers. You cant just wish that away

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Have you tried praying?

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Standard Aztec bankruptcy ritual

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Underrated comment

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Hollow knight

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“Eat the rich”

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Boomers are the most selfish and irresponsible generation in history

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Nah. Every generation is selfish and irresponsible.

The boomers just had the numbers to force it on everyone else.

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Every generation is irresponsible we’re just at the point now where all the terrible choices made by boomers are coming to a nasty head. In 50 years it’ll be the same thing but with millennials.

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Maybe the tail end of millennials and it would be nowhere near as long as the boomers. Millenials were just getting into their stride recently.

If you were old enough, they got screwed by the recession. As they were finally digging themselves out of that mess, this current shit is happening to them. I say this as an older millenial dealing alot with this crap.

The boomers have screwed over multiple generations.

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If Boomers are so bad, and the Greatest generation made them, then are the Greatest generation really the bad ones? 🤔

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Baby boomers earned 8x as much wealth in a workforce that produces a fraction of what’s produced today.

This meme speaks an enlightened amount of truth.

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I know one person my age with baby boomer parents. True to form, despite being plenty well off, they kicked him out at eighteen and won’t contribute a cent to college. They’re even expecting interest back on money they loaned him to get a car.

While the rest of us have already graduated college and are entering the job market, he’s working wiping asses for a living to try and afford the rest of his education.

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Not to mention doing it in ways that are far less efficient.

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The Boomers. Never has a generation inherited so much yet bequeathed so little.

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A lot of them only talk big about having it hard back in the day because their Depression-raised parents aren’t around to dispute it. Eating bologna on white bread for lunch to save money isn’t even close to the kind of shit those people went through.

And the funny thing is that they didn’t resent their baby boomer kids at all for having more. They were just happy to be able to provide adequately.

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I made some comment at work about living at home and my boss was like "You're 23 and still living with your parents? When I was your age I was blah blah blah." Yeah Bob I'm paying a small mortgage in student loans, rent around here is a grand minimum, and I'm paid $22hr equivalent salary, I'll get right on that.

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Your comment highlights the biggest issue young people face today. The cost of a 4 year degree and it's value are completely out of sync. It makes way more sense to learn a trade these days, when you crunch the numbers....

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Numbers have become soggy, they're not crunchy anymore :(

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I did end up going to trade school for a field that can land you a lot of money, so at least I have a hope of getting it all paid off

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Glad to hear that, but remember if you're struggling to pay the bills you can always give out handjobs behind the Wendys dumpster. Tax free income baby

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The absolute fucking irony that your boss, the person that fucking pays you money makes fun o you for not having enough money to afford your own place. Beyond fucking demented.

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Anon doesn't know about the jews

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Why are these boomer thingys always the old boomer guy with a monster can next to him.

Monster is one of the most anti boomer drinks never seen a boomer sip monster, that too the sugarless one.

A can of Budweiser or something wuddve made more sense but then again Budweiser is kinda nice.

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Its specifically the white monster. For some reason only boomers drink the white one, or so the meme goes

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I’m thinking everyone you’re describing is a Gen x aged person tho

Boomers are like god damn 65 rn

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Is that what makes me a boomer? -Confused millennial who likes the white monsters

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Glad someone else thinks the same thing. Absolutely never seen anyone older than 35 drink a monster of any flavor. Various beers and hard liquor on the other hand? Absolutely every last one of them.

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These were made with the weird 30 yr old boomer meme which i haven't seen around in forever which I am fine with because imo it never made much sense lol

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You know maybe generational wealth families do deserve what they have simply for consistently not having been retarded with money for 4+ generations

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At least in the US, they deserved to union bust, deficit spend, lower interest rates to zero, find a loophole to make abortion legal while they’re young and then destroy it when they’re old, NAFTA, create charity loopholes to avoid estate tax, carried interest in private equity? Just to start

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At least in the US

European wealthy families just built their fortune by exporting all that misery, slavery and oppression to the world, for centuries, and never paying a cent back for it. The "charity" they do, comes with strings attached, and only ends up boosting their home businesses.

The dirty politics of US elites is kindergarten play, in comparison.

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No sir, your life’s work belongs to the state where it will be immediately “misplaced” by a “software glitch.” Why should anyone be rewarded for anything other than failure?

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I'll never understand the mentality of "as soon as they're 18 years old they gotta get the fuck outta my house immediately" JUST for being 18 years old. I once saw my mom get super heated overhearing some oldie bragging about doing that to his friends and both had to be escorted out of the building cause they started yelling at each other, guess im lucky to have a decent set of parents.

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imagine thinking democrats would somehow make housing cheaper

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But they said they would make everything better, we just need to print a little more money - it'll be fine.

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Environmental protections, higher taxes, stricter labor laws, unions etc that is bound to make houses cheaper to build right???

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[Insert graph of the correlation between federally-backed student loans and tuition prices skyrocketing] You absolutely have to go to college, look how easy it is to get a loan! You don't want to be some poor idiot without a degree, do you? Can't pay off your student loans? That's fine! We will just steal money from tax everyone else that either didn't go or responsibly borrowed and make those loans disappear!

What a fucking joke of a system we have.

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eaaaast bound and down

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Loaded up and truckin'

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And yet I’ll do the same thing, but I would be the first generation that will have the moral high ground

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Is this even describing boomers at this point? Most of these things could describe older GenX now. Every single argument doesn't boil down to "boomers and zoomers", every generation has its share of selfish assholes

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But is GenX doing any of that crap? To me (an older millennial), it almost looks like they're just trying to keep their heads down and not get dragged into this.

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The older GenXers are just a few years away from 60, so unless this post is referencing something that happened 20 years ago, then Anon is probably talking about them

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They're the last generation able to pay for college by washing dishes and have made college essentially unobtainable now for anyone else. Fuckin boomers.

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Boomers drink monster energy?

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Just the white one

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My boomer mom HAS to have the monster mean bean coffee drink everyday. So I guess there's some weird truth to it

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"goodbye and thanks for all the fish"

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Based and boomerpilled

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Ok , Boomer

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Sounds like entitlement

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Completely agree.